Kevin '81 & Annie Parker Career Center

Kevin '81 & Annie Parker Career Center

Rigorous Career Preparation and Guidance

Whether you're driving innovation, engaging in research, developing new business strategies, tackling challenges related to sustainability or pushing the boundaries of technology, Clarkson understands what motivates you and supports your mission through a mix of rigorous career preparation and robust, multifaceted support from our award-winning Kevin '81 & Annie Parker Career Center.

We take every stage of your progress into account, from gaining real-world experience through internships and co-ops to negotiating a contract with a prospective employer. Turn to Clarkson's Parker Career Center for help every step of the way, both as a student here and throughout your career.

Our Incredible Career Fairs

Twice a year, we host Career Fairs that bring upwards of 200 companies excited to recruit Clarkson undergraduate and graduate students for internships, co-ops and full time employment. Learn more about our upcoming Career Fair

For Students

The road to a successful career starts long before you go to work. We'll help you lay the groundwork to achieve your career goals. Turn to our career coaches as you explore career paths, develop your résumé, connect with employers, build your network and sharpen your interviewing skills.

For Alumni

As an alum, you know better than anybody the skills that Clarkson graduates bring to the table. Collaborate with us to connect your organization to our students, including for internships, networking events, career fairs and other recruitment opportunities.

Our support of your pursuits never wavers, and we strive to see all alumni succeed. If you're switching careers or looking for a new opportunity, our career coaches can work with you to sharpen your job-search skills.

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For Employers

You need problem-solvers who can devise creative solutions to your toughest challenges. Find them here, at Clarkson. Ask us about on-campus recruiting, networking, job-training partnerships or our #HireAKnight program, designed to elevate your company's profile on campus.

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Get Ready to Launch

Let us help you reach your career goals. Our services and partnerships encourage your success at any stage in your professional life.

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For Parents

Clarkson goes beyond a great education. Our approach consistently delivers a world-class return on investment. The Brookings Institution named Clarkson among the top 10 universities nationwide to maximize student earning potential. Our Career Center ensures every student can tap their own.

Also, The Princeton Review recently ranked Clarkson #25 in the nation for Best Career Services.

What Makes Us Different


Clarkson students helped last year

by the Career Center.

You learn from doing — from testing the boundaries and applications of your knowledge to develop solutions and drive results. We understand the value of hands-on, real-world learning, and in turn, every Clarkson student must complete a Professional Experience, such as an internship or co-op, before graduation. The Career Center helps you identify options that fit your interests and goals — so your short-term position yields a lasting impact. 

Over 200

Employers at the Fall Career Fair.

98th Percentile

Salaries earned by Clarkson students are

One of Clarkson’s best values is in professional development and networking. Clarkson instilled a drive for me to go to Career Fairs, talk to people in the fields I’m interested in and grow my professional self. I am definitely a people-person, and the assurance and excitement I experienced from simply talking to professionals that Clarkson brought to me has definitely changed the way I viewed my path to success. I used to think I had to simply work hard, figure it out and do it on my own, but Clarkson showed me the value of reaching out, putting myself out there and taking risks to get opportunities that would help me grow as a student and a mechanical engineer.

Kim Gomez '25, BS in Mechanical Engineering

  • Career information
  • Company information sessions
  • Employer-in-residence
  • Employer site visits
  • Informational interviews with alumni
  • Major-specific one-on-one coaching
  • Networking events
  • Self-exploration and career competencies

Professional Experience

  • Career Fair
  • Employer-sponsored competitions
  • Information sessions
  • Internship and cooperative education
  • Job listings
  • Manage your online presence
  • Networking events

Career Basics and Information: Planning and Practice

  • Custom student workshops
  • Career preparation classes
  • Mock interviews
  • Networking and informational interviews
  • Peer-to-peer advisors
  • Professional development seminars and programs
  • Search documents and correspondence (i.e. résumé, letters, etc.)
  • Webinars

Career Outcomes

Clarkson students care about what comes after college. We believe in the power of professional experiences to accelerate their post-graduation success, so we require every student on campus to have at least one, usually through a co-op, internship or research project.

Learn More about Career Success

Offers, Outcomes and Continued Success

  • Alumni career services
  • Graduate outcomes and Career Center statistics
  • Hired by campaign
  • Negotiation
  • Onboarding — becoming a successful employee
  • Salary data

Make a Match at Career Fair

Twice a year, Career Fairs bring more than 150 employers to campus with jobs to fill. You might come face to face with your future: more than 40 percent of our students accepting full-time jobs met their employers for the first time at one of these events

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Reach Your Goals

Clarkson's Career Center is dedicated to helping you reach your career goals. Talk to us about charting your path.