Departments and Organizations

Departments and Organizations

Fostering Sustainable, Inclusive Innovation

Transforming society through cross-disciplinary scholarship that addresses pressing industry and environmental needs requires intentional leadership at all levels. At the same time, the departments and organizations powering Clarkson University’s progress operate with a broad perspective — one that takes who we are, what we do and why we do it into account.

Through this two-part strategy, we consider all the ways we can enrich the world — from research, discoveries and entrepreneurial drive to our partnerships — and simultaneously invite both undergraduate and graduate students to meaningfully contribute.

As a result, the rigorous, hands-on technical education for which we’re known equips our graduates to surge ahead in the workforce, spurs sustainable economic development and attracts diverse, determined students and faculty ready to roll up their sleeves and collaboratively devise solutions. Our impact, as well, is two-fold — growing our presence as a private, national research university and launching the careers of individuals who go on to lead their respective fields with a similar mindset.

Learn more about how our departments and organizations embody our commitment to igniting advancement through research, building a better world for all and supporting the success of the next generation.

Our Influence and Impact


Research Activity

According to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education

Top 10

in the nation for students who come from the bottom fifth of incomes and rise to the top fifth as adults, according to the New York Times.

Among the Top

universities in the nation in social mobility, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Our Structure

Clarkson continues to evolve its educational model, from the real-world preparation we extend to students to the industry relationships that support our research and help working professionals upskill. Meet the individuals evaluating, expanding and strengthening the value of a Clarkson degree.

University Leadership

Learn more about President Marc P. Christensen, PhD, PE, and the faculty and staff composing the University’s executive council, leadership council and board of trustees.

Organizational Chart

Clarkson’s culture of discovery bridges multiple disciplines and research specialties. Search by school, department, organization or center to learn more about the faculty and staff shaping our collaborative campus and broadening our scholarly output.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Office

We are all Golden Knights, ready to push the boundaries of theory and technology to see what they uncover. Understand how Clarkson fosters innovation through diversity and promotes an equitable, inclusive environment where all individuals, regardless of background, have a place to thrive and make their mark. 


About DEI at Clarkson

Institute for a Sustainable Environment

Creating a better world for all means preserving the one we have. Clarkson strives to become a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions institution by 2025. Along the way, we take influence from our surroundings to protect our planet’s air, water and habitats, reduce environmental contamination and public health threats, and propose more sustainable industry practices.


Sustainability at Clarkson

Resources for the Clarkson Community

We seek out faculty ready to amplify Clarkson's mission, all while giving students the tools to guide their own inquiry. 

Human Resources Office

The Human Resources Office attracts, develops and retains a diverse, world-class workforce equipped to drive scholarly and industry advancement through research and innovation.

University Libraries

The University Libraries connect students, faculty and staff with an expansive catalog of articles, books, journals and databases, plus the tools for conducting research.

Academic Calendar

This resource lists all major academic events for the upcoming school year. Review all dates for semester, quarter and graduate health science programs.

News and Events

We proudly broadcast our accomplishments — whether from students, faculty or a distinction earned by the University. See the Clarkson community’s recent achievements, as well as upcoming events for our three locations.

Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) connects the Clarkson community through infrastructure and support services that enhance student learning and power our classrooms and research endeavors.

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