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The inspiration behind the podcast was, there are a million events on campus...we do a ton of really awesome stuff."

- Matt Hawthorne '19, producer of Clarkson's Ignite Podcast


"…Search out the real needs of the American people…"

-1896 - Founding Address

Intersect science, technology, engineering, arts and business to pursue interdisciplinary research, learning and thought leadership focused on rapidly solving real world problems for a better future.

Clarkson SPEED Team Places in Nevada SPEED Thrills

Clarkson Team Crushes It

Clarkson Hockey in Ireland In Their Own Words

Hockey Champs Play in Ireland


ig·nite /iɡˈknight/ verb

• catch fire or cause to catch fire

• to pursue innovation intensely with powerful purpose

• how Golden Knights defy convention to innovate with impact


Roll-Up Your Sleeves and Do It.

Design your academic, research & social life to collide with your personal passions and goals. Sketch it. Code it. Prototype it. Fail at it. Reiterate it. Test it. Finance it. Build it. Do it. Ignite you.


Many positions in today’s corporate world require cross-department knowledge. My Clarkson M.B.A. gave me a general understanding that allows me to feel confident in my knowledge regardless of the situation."

- Christina Liquori (M.B.A. ‘11), Digital Marketing Manager for Lego UK/Ireland

42,000 Strong

Clarkson ignites the network of graduates with the entrepreneurial competence to make sense of complex systems, forge connections across fields and lead with purpose to find creative solutions.

  • One in five alumni already leads as CEO, senior executive or owner of a company.
  • Brookings Institution, a world renowned research and think tank, names Clarkson among the top 10 universities nationwide for maximizing career earnings potential.
  • National Model for Entrepreneurship Education – US Association of Small Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Top 21 Institutions – Forbes Magazine

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