Clarkson Is Where STEM Means Business

Clarkson’s STEM-aligned business programs propel careers 
and earnings across disciplines.


At Clarkson, STEM catalyzes innovation and learning across all disciplines. Now, more than ever, this academic focus encapsulates the dynamic synergy between STEM and the business world. 

Clarkson students engage in an innovative curriculum that bridges the gap between technical expertise and strategic business acumen. The intersection of these disciplines propels graduates toward future careers that meld technology and business. From high-tech manufacturing and data analytics to artificial intelligence and sustainability, Clarkson cultivates a mindset where STEM isn't just a field of study but a powerful tool for shaping the future of business. 

Simply put: At Clarkson, STEM means business.

Just ask Ken Solinsky ’71, who used what he learned at Clarkson to fulfill his entrepreneurial potential and form companies including Insight Technology, Envision Technology and OnPoint Systems. “In order for innovation to flourish, you have to create an environment where people feel empowered, where they can express ideas and have the freedom to move fast,” he says.

Three female students around a table and computer at Clarkson University.

The David D. Reh School of Business is integral to Clarkson’s proven STEM-focused education, research and innovation ecosystem. The school’s Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics degree recently became the newest of several business programs at Clarkson to be recognized by the U.S. government as STEM-designated. Other STEM-designated programs within the Reh School of Business include the Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Management, Master of Science in Healthcare Data Analytics and MBA in Business Analytics.

At the Reh School, STEM means more than just a designation of programs. Clarkson’s business programs are designed with the same STEM mindset as the corporate partners who recruit Clarkson students for industry-relevant careers that deliver an unparalleled ROI. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranked Clarkson’s Online MBA program among the Best Online MBA Programs of 2024.

Igniting the STEM Spark
Education should be active and effective – at Clarkson, hands-on experience puts theory into practice and prepares you for how the world works. There is no better way to acquire the skills and knowledge for your career than through doing.

A close partner with industries across the STEM disciplines, particularly engineering, Clarkson knows what employers want and need and constantly evolves and expands programs to surpass these expectations. As you learn, you will discover how to work within a team. You will also have opportunities that allow you to explore your passions while advancing your career trajectory and developing solutions to complex global challenges.

Clarkson provides the equipment, resources and friendly rivalry through which all students can learn, lead and launch their ideas. Clarkson Ignite – a student innovation hub and set of related initiatives – drives innovation in and outside the classroom.

Clarkson University student in classroom.
  • The Annual President’s Challenge is a campus-wide competition in which students collaborate across disciplines to develop a prototype or concept that demonstrates an innovative solution to a specific, real-world issue. The university also hosts various business plan competitions throughout the year. 
  • The Cube, a student business accelerator backed by the Shipley Center for Innovation, provides enhanced support to Clarkson’s most motivated entrepreneurs. Teams apply and pitch to secure a spot in this program that offers startup capital for student ventures. 
  • The Dorf Makerspace is a hub for hands-on, physical creation. It features state-of-the-art equipment such as 3D printers, a vinyl heat press machine, a glass fusing and soldering station, sewing and embroidery machines, laser engravers and more.
  • The Media Production Center provides resources for producing and editing visual and audio content, including photos, videos, music, podcasts and additional forms of digital media.  

Clarkson’s Reh Center for Entrepreneurship positively impacts students and society by delivering practical and useful teaching, research and outreach activities to help solve the world's pressing problems and transform them into entrepreneurial opportunities.

Clarkson’s diverse programs and useful research offer opportunities to reflect critically on how you lead and what entrepreneurial leadership means to you. The Center invites you to share knowledge, insights, frameworks and tools to help you pivot your entrepreneurial spirit and leadership, bringing greater value to yourself, your teams, your organization and society.

The First-Year Business Experience is a signature program that defines business majors' first year of studies and is a prime example of Clarkson’s commitment to experiential learning. Students work in teams to conceptualize their very own company, develop a business plan and pitch it to seasoned investors. Over $50,000 is awarded annually to turn the student projects into actual businesses.

One of the most fun and exhilarating ways to put learning into practice is through our Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design (SPEED) program, which provides maximal access to the state-of-the-art Student Prototyping Machine Shop – Clarkson’s one-stop shop for design and fabrication needs.

Every year, hundreds of Clarkson students from all majors join one of 13 SPEED teams to put their skills to the test and engage in endless collaboration. From concept to completion, teams dream, design and build projects, including a concrete canoe, Baja off-road vehicle, clean snowmobile and more. And they do it all on a deadline, racing to compete against other colleges and universities, both regionally and nationally. Reh School of Business students keep teams on track and provide business and marketing plans, data analytics and more.

Our SPEED teams have proved competitive for decades, holding our own against much bigger universities and budgets. How do they do it? Sometimes, less really is more. Clarkson’s SPEED teams take the idea of hands-on education at its most literal level and compete among the best of the best.

Synergistic Support
From our first-year/college transition services to our strong alumni network, Clarkson provides unmatched support.

  • The Student Success Center staff and resources help all students thrive and grow at Clarkson and beyond. 
  • The Parker Career Center understands what motivates you and supports your career aspirations through rigorous career preparation and robust, multifaceted support. In fact, 98% of Clarkson grads find placement in their chosen field within six months of their graduation. That may be because real work experience is all but guaranteed, with 100% of Clarkson students securing at least one internship, co-op or professional, research or capstone experience. Our graduates report starting salaries upwards of $100K, with an average early career salary of $71,700 (Class of 2023). 
  • It is no secret why Clarkson University graduates continue to prosper in the job market: Our supportive 46,000+ Alumni Network thrives on hiring similar talent. Hundreds of recruiters from across the country converge on our small upstate New York campus twice yearly to find their next hires.

Learning by Doing – Building Skills Outside the Classroom
Agile, Industry-Relevant Credentials: Clarkson is known for ensuring industry-ready graduates that employers loyally recruit year after year. While classroom studies emphasize the importance of hands-on learning, Clarkson offers a catalog of micro-credentials and short courses that accelerate personal and professional success. From business to advanced technology, courses cover the knowledge, skills and experience that industry partners consistently list as essential to any candidate who wants to stand out from the crowd and be an important organizational asset from day one.

Co-ops and Internships That Lead to Careers: Reh School of Business students and graduates find themselves in the corporate operations of some of the most prominent companies in the world, including: 
General Electric
Lockheed Martin
General Dynamics

All in On Excellence
What’s the story behind Clarkson’s successful outcomes? Data. Recent statistics only further emphasize that STEM – and Clarkson – means business.

Clarkson is all in on excellence – are you? Learn how Clarkson can help you accelerate your success while differentiating yourself from other business program graduates. Better yet, visit the campus to see innovation in action.

Want to maximize your earning potential? Learn more about Clarkson University. 


Clarkson University's ERC.
Class of 2023 four-year degree graduates report starting salaries upward of $100,000K with an average early career salary of $71,700.
98% of students have a career in their chosen field within 6 months after graduation
100% of students complete an internship, capstone project, co-op or research experience
4,300+  internship and co-op opportunities

19,000+ jobs posted in Clarkson's student portal
250+ clubs and organizations
13 competitive SPEED teams
1 in 5 Clarkson alumni is already a CEO, senior executive, or owner of a company
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