Writing Center

Writing Center

Boost Your Communication Skills for the Classroom and Your Career

Push your writing to the next level with the peer consultants at Clarkson's Writing Center. Whether you're struggling to formulate a thesis, are stuck in a section of your draft or just want feedback to know if your work is landing the way you intend, we're eager to work with you on any written project — lab papers, essays, short stories or cover letters for your job search, for a few examples. While your friends may simply say "looks good," we'll give you honest advice that you can use to make your work better.

Appointments are available in person or over Zoom. Walk-ins are welcome if availability permits. Sessions are at least 30 minutes but no longer than 60.

Let Us Read Your Work

If you want to become a better writer, Writing Center consultants can help.

Director: Catherine Sajna 
Phone: 315-268-4135 
Email: wcenter@clarkson.edu 

Writing Center Services

Get academic assistance, strengthen your voice or prepare for the job search with the Writing Center's services:

Writing Center Sessions

Schedule an appointment for a one-on-one consultation with a peer consultant. Share your work in progress with a skilled reader for advice on how you can make the finished product shine.

Writing Resources

Turn to CUWrite to find online resources for improving your writing across a range of disciplines, from English, engineering and the sciences to professional documents. Our consultants help you learn to work with various technological writing tools like citation generators, Grammarly or chatbots.

With English being my third language, I had a little bit of trouble writing college-level papers, but all the professors, as well as the Writing Center, have been very supportive and helping me improve my writing and my academic language.

Tommy Pasanen '24, BS in Psychology

About the Writing Center

Our goal is to help students in every discipline become better writers — because every discipline and industry relies on written communication. We work with Clarkson's Co-Writing Program to prepare first-year students for college-level writing and host programs for other classes as well.

About the Writing Center

How We Help You

  • Conference posters
  • Cover letters
  • Essays
  • Grad school essays
  • Honors theses
  • Lab reports
  • LinkedIn content
  • Post-grad and professional projects
  • Presentations
  • Professional websites
  • Research papers
  • Résumés
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