Core Research Expertise

Materials Processing
  • Removal of particles from waste streams.
  • Film deposition methods.
  • Additive manufacturing.
  • Plasma treatments.
  • Colloidal slurries for CMP and controlled material removal.
  • Metrology, non-destructive testing and quality assurance.
Materials Characterization
  • Computational modeling and simulation.
  • Education and training for graduate student research, undergraduate student research, and internships.
Materials Synthesis & Functionalization
  • Colloids, polymers, metals, and composites.
  • Surfaces and interfaces.
  • Micro- and nano-particles.
  • Metal organic frameworks.
  • Smart materials.
  • Thin and thick film coatings.
  • Materials for energy storage devices.
Materials by Design
  • Metamaterials.
  • Advanced battery construction.
  • Wearable electronic devices.
  • Lightweight structures.
  • Infrastructures.
  • Medical devices.

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The Center for Advanced Materials Processing at Clarkson University is a NYSTAR designated Center for Advanced Technology