Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Pursue a New Challenge

Prepare to develop, devise and implement innovative solutions in Clarkson University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

In Clarkson University's largest department, we’re strategic, boundary-pushing problem-solvers. Here, think through complex challenges — and achieve results — with a firm and thorough technical curriculum emphasizing hands-on experience, critical thinking, research and career-essential skills like leadership and project management.

Knowing what to do — and how to do it — drives results today and tomorrow.

Undergraduate Programs

Build your future here: design your own course of study to meet your goals and interests. Then, tackle problems relevant to our world while honing analytical, data-gathering, strategy and critical thinking skills in our undergraduate research opportunities, internships, co-ops, SPEED teams, industry-sponsored design projects and study abroad programs.

BS in Aerospace Engineering

BS in Mechanical Engineering

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99% Class of 2023 Total Undergraduate Placement

As a mechanical or aerospace engineering student, your knowledge of technical concepts, business acumen, critical thinking and high-level math skills takes you places:

$150K (Aerospace)

$116K (Mechanical)

Highest starting salaries for Undergraduate Class of 2023

Our Latest Lab

Check out this video featuring Dr. Michael Bazzocchi and Professor Marcias Martinez as they explain, along with their undergraduate and graduate student researchers, their new AIDFab Lab featuring cutting-edge metal 3D printers, robotics, and other state-of-the-art technologies this project addresses the increasing need for adaptive technology to support aging in place. This facility is a collaboration between the Clarkson team and La Fondation Dassault. 

Watch the video on the AIDFab Lab

Customize your course of study toward a career-related subdiscipline through a choice of minors and concentrations:

Graduate Programs

Our graduate students rethink the future of mechanical and aerospace engineering — and how systems and devices across industries function. Collaborate with faculty to test and launch new concepts, fuel innovation in our labs and centers and establish yourself with an original thesis.

We also know that working professionals contend with new challenges every day on the job. Upgrade your skills and become the leader your team needs with our Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering for Working Professionals.

Hands-on Learning

Design advanced, purpose-driven projects that win team competitions and solve modern-day engineering challenges.

Project-Based Learning

Apply the principles of engineering, science and mathematics you learn in the classroom to a real-world environment. Take advantage of the Coulter School of Engineering and Applied Sciences relationships with over 200 employers to make your mark — and accelerate technological progress — through industry-sponsored design projects and research opportunities.

Internships and Co-ops

See what mechanical and aerospace engineers do — from how projects are conceived and carried out to how they deploy the theories and technical concepts you’re learning. Grow your experience and graduate ready to face industry-relevant problems.


There’s no challenge you can’t handle, so push yourself to the next level on a competitive SPEED (Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design) team. Collaborate across engineering, science and other disciplines to hone your teamwork and problem-solving skills.


We don’t have to tell you that research is one of our strengths. You can see it in our pursuit of innovation and what we discover in our research facilities and labs.

We rethink theories and their applications in our small wind Blade Test Facility (one of only three in the nation) and with our flight simulator and wind tunnel, where the U.S. luge team tested their sled aerodynamics before the last Winter Olympics.

We also understand that ideas and data set the stage for new products and systems: get yours off the ground with help from the Shipley Center for Innovation.


The concepts of mechanical and aerospace engineering are all around us. Explore their applications in research guided by Department faculty members and graduate students. Mechanical and aerospace undergraduates have previously optimized luge sleds for the U.S. Olympic Luge Association and contributed to the newest ducted wind turbine technology.


Direct the pace and advancements of the mechanical and aerospace engineering fields by conducting original research for your master’s or PhD.

Our Faculty

Our faculty are dedicated teachers and distinguished researchers. Meet our professors and learn about their awards and research interests.

Faculty and Staff

It’s so amazing that right from the beginning, I was able to get started working hands-on in research through this program and now am able to work as an intern for Ducted Wind Turbines, Inc.

Jack DiMeo '23, BS in Mechanical Engineering, BS in Aerospace Engineering

ABET Accreditation

Clarkson University's undergraduate aerospace, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, mechanical and software engineering programs and undergraduate engineering and management program are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, Read more on Engineering Program Objectives.

Get Ready to Drive Progress

We welcome you to test the boundaries of your knowledge and problem-solving skills to uncover new, transformative solutions and direct your career forward.