Research in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Research Is One of Our Strengths

Collaborative research contracts allow students to work with world-class researchers. Our students gain hands-on experience working on projects alongside faculty members, whose research activities cover a wide range of areas, from optimizing luge sleds for the U.S. Olympic Luge Association and creating the newest ducted wind turbine technology to improving the operation and design of engineering systems for industry partners and understanding the laryngeal aerodynamics of voiced speech.

Our strengths lie in the areas of:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Heat transfer
  • Multidisciplinary design optimization
  • Space
  • Structural materials
  • Wind energy and turbines

Graduate students and many undergraduates actively participate in research projects, using state-of-the-art experimental and computational facilities. Many undergraduates present their work at local, national and even international conferences; some receive co-authorship on peer-reviewed publications. Research is an excellent way for undergraduates to find out if pursuing a research-based graduate degree (MS or PhD) is right for them.

Undergraduate Research

Mechanical engineering majors experience both on-campus research in the fall and spring semesters and paid summer internships funded by groups such as the National Science Foundation or other government agencies or foundations. Our mechanical engineering majors often work with faculty in their laboratories to gain experience in areas of interest to them.

Aerospace engineering majors benefit from having a wide variety of research projects being pursued by faculty and graduate students within the department. Any undergraduate student looking for a research experience has the opportunity to do so.

Our Faculty

Many of our mechanical and aerospace engineering faculty are affiliated with research centers such as the Clarkson Center for Complex Systems Science, the Institute for a Sustainable Environment and the Center for Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology.

Learn more about the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering's faculty and their research expertise

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