If you are interested in engineering, but you don't know what field attracts you most, Engineering Studies will make a great place to start.

You can enroll in engineering, begin with common core curriculum, and wait to declare a major until your second year at Clarkson. This gives you a chance to explore different academic areas, while taking full advantage of all of Clarkson's resources. You will be able to move into or out of one or more engineering studies degrees without extending the time you need to graduate.

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Our Education

Clarkson combines two distinctive strengths: Personalized teaching and high-powered research. As a small, undergraduate-centered university, our professors get to know students as individuals. These faculty members also conduct world-class research in areas of vital importance — and they involve undergraduates in the process.

At career fairs, employers will tell you about their field and the preparation they look for. You'll also talk with upper-class students in engineering majors to find out about their program. And, finally, through your courses, you will learn more about your own preferences and abilities.

Hands-On Education

Engineering studies allows you, regardless of your major, to participate in a program called SPEED — Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design. Clarkson has 14 different SPEED teams that compete with student teams from other universities. The experience will help you sharpen your skills in creative problem solving, collaboration, communication and leadership. As with all engineering students, you also have access to undergraduate research opportunities. More than 250 undergraduates a year participate in sponsored research.

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