Architectural and Facilities Engineering Minor

Architectural and Facilities Engineering Minor

Learn to Improve Building Construction and Operations

Buildings are integral to modern society. These structures provide housing, employment, entertainment and community gathering places. Yet, buildings consume significant resources. They also need to be routinely maintained to comply with building codes. Do you see yourself developing a more sustainable building? Specialize your knowledge with Clarkson University’s architectural and facilities engineering (AFE) minor.

This minor has grown from the success of our nationally recognized Construction Engineering Management (CEM) program. Explore the intersection of engineering, art, science and architecture. Acquire an additional specialization through the program's electives requirement. Upon completion, students graduate with a Bachelor of Science in their primary discipline plus an architectural and facilities engineering minor.

Why Study Architectural and Facilities Engineering at Clarkson?

You’re eyeing a career in design, construction, operations or facilities. So, you decided to major in engineering or design. In this direction, the AFE minor provides additional insight into building design and operation.

Sustainability now greatly influences construction, resources used and longevity. The architectural and facilities engineering minor takes a holistic perspective:

  • Learn to create structures that decrease global energy consumption.
  • Understand how to uphold community health and safety.
  • Explore how to develop structures from the ground up.
  • See how to revamp or better operate an existing facility.


  • Construction planning and management
  • Fundamentals of building systems
  • Data science
  • Scheduling and estimating
  • Sustainable infrastructure and buildings
  • Safety analysis
  • Energy conversion
  • Computer-aided engineering
  • Foundations and retaining structures
  • Project and financial management

Review the full curriculum and all electives below.

The minor in architectural and facilities engineering involves a total of 27 credit hours. Students must additionally have an architectural and facilities engineering focus for their capstone experience in their major (CE490/491, ME446, EE412, EM456 or equivalent).

The curriculum has been designed to give students a well-rounded understanding of architectural and facilities engineering.

All courses are three credits unless noted.

Students must complete the following courses:

Required Engineering Courses

  • CE305 Construction Planning and Management
  • CE408 Building Information Modeling/Integrated Project Delivery
  • CE409 Fundamentals of Building Systems
  • CE448 Introduction to Architectural Engineering

Data Science/Mathematics

  • DS241 Intro to Data Science
  • or MA330 Advanced Engineering Math
  • or STAT383 Probability and Statistics
  • or STAT389 Probability and Statistics with Multivariate Analysis

Architectural & Facilities Engineering Core Electives

Students must complete two of the following courses:

  • CE304 Intro to Scheduling and Estimating
  • CE404 Applications in Scheduling and Estimating
  • CE410/510 Sustainable Infrastructure and Building
  • CE411 Construction Materials Engineering
  • CE415/515 Foundations and Retaining Structures
  • CE441 Reinforced Concrete Design
  • CE442 Steel Design
  • EE221 Linear Circuits
  • EE321 Systems and Signal Processing
  • EE331 Energy Conversion
  • EE333 Power System Engineering
  • EE/ME450 Control Systems
  • EHS330 Safety Analysis
  • ES238 Intro to Energy Systems
  • EV305 Sustainability and the Environment
  • ME310 Thermodynamic Systems Engineering
  • ME411 Intro to Heat Transfer
  • ME444 Computer-Aided Engineering

Architectural & Facilities Engineering Electives

Management/Law Elective

Students must complete one of the following courses:

  • EM/OM380 Project Management
  • FN361 Financial Management
  • OS286 Organizational Behavior I
  • LW270 Law and Society I

Art Elective

Students must complete one course: 

  • DA110 Drawing
  • DA120 Elements of Design
  • DA200 3D Digital Modeling and Imagery
  • or an approved course in art history, architectural history, art appreciation, applied art or related study (3 credits)

Get practice designing more sustainable buildings. Reinforce your skills and find solutions through the following opportunities:

  • Research
  • Meet the Pro
  • Local Field Trips
  • MEGA Project Field Trips
  • Greenbuild Scholarships
  • C3G Projects
  • Blueprint Bootcamp
  • AutoCAD Seminar
  • Construction Engineering Management SPEED Team
  • Internships & Co-Ops
  • OSHA 10-hour Certification
  • Clarkson Construction Club/AGC Student Chapter
  • Kiewit Women in Construction

Get exposed to the full process of kick-starting a project. The Clarkson CEM Consulting Group (C3G) is the Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering’s own in-house construction and facilities consulting firm. Participating students provide preprofessional consulting. Understand what’s involved in planning, facilities, engineering and construction. Students then present these projects directly to clients. Learn more about C3G.

Expand and diversify your perspective. Explore building design in one of Clarkson’s hands-on study abroad programs and professional experiences. Learn more about available opportunities.

I was a Transportation Construction Inspector for NYSDOT the summer of 2022. It was my first time being exposed to a construction site. I enjoyed every minute of it. I learned an immense amount of knowledge and became certified in testing concrete, testing soil and erosion control plans for a construction site. I am very grateful that I was able to land a position as an intern my sophomore summer. I also have a badge in Construction Documents from Clarkson University, which helped me read the plans on the job over the summer.

Nikki Borowiec, '24 BS in Civil Engineering with a minor in architecture and facilities engineering

Career Possibilities

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects steady demand for architecture professionals. Get an edge for starting a career in construction, project management, operations or facilities management.

Possible job titles include:

  • Architectural engineer
  • Building operations manager
  • Construction project manager
  • Facility engineer
  • Materials engineer
  • Structural engineer


Leading industry firms recruit directly from Clarkson. Graduates go on to positions with many organizations, including:

  • ECS Limited
  • Facility Engineering Associates
  • Los Alamos National Lab
  • SGH
  • Silman
  • Target
  • Turner Construction
  • Whiting-Turner Construction

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