At Clarkson, the study of economics is more than macro or micro theories.

In step with what industry and employers want, economics coursework in the David D. Reh School of Business weaves through some of the most notable programs that place us among the best schools of business.

Are you interested in the role of economics in the round-the-world flow of materials, goods, capital, and information? Consider majoring in Global Supply Chain Management, our top-ranked program that teaches you how to run a lean, mean supply chain machine. 
Economics courses for Financial Information and Analysis majors will deepen your understanding of market analysis, finance and accounting. In our Innovation and Entrepreneurship program, economics studies particularly help in the areas of project valuation and all-important research and development.

And, if you like poring over data, our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics major includes economics courses that can spark new, creative ways to apply analysis methods. 

Many of our Reh School of Business students choose to minor in economics. It’s a great choice for students from other disciplines, too; for both those who want to collaborate in a more traditional liberal arts discipline to augment their education and in particular, applied mathematics majors. Economics can give you an edge in mathematically rigorous academic fields and in the job market, too. Students who have proven themselves in mathematics and economics are in high demand by businesses that rely on both. 

As a leader in technological education and sustainable economic development, Clarkson happily exploits the fact that our students graduate with strong analytical backgrounds. An interdisciplinary minor in economics nurtures these abilities and makes our alumni more valuable in the workforce for a broad range of careers, from engineering to political science. 

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Clarkson has ranked in the Top 20 Supply Chain Management programs in the nation for 15 years -- U.S. News & World Report, 2018

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