Research and Scholarship in the Reh School of Business

The Reh School of Business fosters an active and dynamic research community with tangible impacts in the real world. Our faculty members are considered thought leaders in their fields and frequently share their findings in journals, conferences, the media and within the classroom. We have established partnerships with different industry entities, government agencies, chambers of commerce and research organizations, who look to Clarkson to provide cutting-edge insights and innovations. We consider ourselves a community of scholars and that includes students as well — they have a number of opportunities to work with professors or launch their own projects.

Areas of Expertise

Supply Chain Management

From optimizing store layouts for an international retailer to using antitrust cases to examine how companies interact with supply chains, our faculty experts span a variety of approaches to make the flow of goods more efficient around the world.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Faculty members have studied some of the most urgent issues of today through the lens of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their research has covered topics like gender bias, indigenous entrepreneurship, technology shocks and green economies. Clarkson University is also home to the Shipley Center for Innovation and Clarkson Ignite, which offer opportunities for scholars, entrepreneurs and partners to connect and collaborate.


Some of the major research faculty members have undertaken in this area include green energy, eco-sustainable tourism, transportation initiatives, supply chain carbon footprint reduction and more. Reh School leadership has also had a direct impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For example, Professor Christian Felzensztein, the Reh Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership, is currently studying the role entrepreneurship plays in reducing poverty in emerging economies. Additionally, we are aligning our courses, research and operations with the U.N.'s vision to integrate sustainability into all we do.

Research and Faculty Highlights

Clarkson Professor Named Top Author on Entrepreneurship in Latin America

According to a recent study published in Management Review Quarterly, Clarkson professor and Reh Endowed Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership Christian Felzensztein was named the most productive author on entrepreneurship in Latin America based on the number of publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Indigenous Entrepreneurship – a New Research Domain

How does an Indigenous entrepreneurial ecosystem develop along with the social, economic and political development of mainstream society? This question is addressed by Clarkson University Professor and Reh Chair in Entrepreneurial Leadership Christian Felzensztein and his colleagues from New Zealand by comparing Indigenous entrepreneurial ecosystems in regions from two countries at different stages of development: Chile, South America and New Zealand in the South Pacific.

Clarkson Professor Receives Lifetime Achievement Award in Research and Scholarship

Professor Farzad Mahmoodi, the Joel Goldschein '57 Endowed Chair Professor in Supply Chain Management, is the recipient of Clarkson’s 2022 Lifetime Achievement in Research and Scholarship Award. This award is granted annually to a tenured faculty member who is recognized internationally for a body of work that exemplifies the highest level of research accomplishment and has made a significant impact on their chosen field of study.

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