Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the Reh School of Business

At the Reh School of Business, entrepreneurial ventures and skill set innovation aren't something that happens outside of campus. It is part of who we are.

We boast our very own ecosystem that allows new ideas to flourish and become a reality. Faculty, students and industry partners connect in our centers, programs and initiatives to collaborate and develop groundbreaking projects. Find out more about how we support businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Reh Center for Entrepreneurship

Clarkson University's Reh Center for Entrepreneurship provides a positive impact on our students and society by delivering practical and useful teaching, research and outreach activities to help solve the world's pressing problems and transform them into entrepreneurial opportunities.

We deliver diverse programs and useful research that offer the opportunity to reflect critically on how you lead and what entrepreneurial leadership means to you. The center invites you to share knowledge, insights, frameworks and tools to help you pivot your entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in order to bring greater value to yourself, your teams, your organization and society.

First-Year Business Experience

This signature program defines the first year of studies for business majors and is a prime example of our commitment to experiential learning. Our students work in teams to conceptualize their very own company, develop a business plan and pitch it to seasoned investors. Over $50,000 is awarded annually to turn the student projects into actual businesses.

Business Studies

Innovation Hub

Housed within the Schuler Education Resource Center, the Innovation Hub offers students the space, resources and tools to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The Dorf Makerspace offers training and access to technical equipment. The Studio is the ideal workspace for team projects and collaborations. In the Digital Making Suite, students have access to the tools and resources to create videos, podcasts and other digital content. The Innovation Hub also offers workshops, talks and other programs centered around entrepreneurship and innovation.

Innovation Hub

Clarkson Ignite

This campus-wide initiative organizes events, workshops, speaker series, masterclasses and a podcast on hands-on, creative experiences on innovation. The department is also responsible for several Shark Tank-style business pitch competitions, including the Research Fellowship Program, as well as the Summer of Innovation Challenge.

Clarkson Ignite's the Cube is an application-based, members-only student accelerator. Accepted student projects get to use the space for a year and receive funding and grant opportunities, access to the center's staff and experts and sponsorship for business competitions.

Clarkson Ignite

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Everywhere

Entrepreneurship and innovation have been a part of Clarkson since our founding in 1896.

  • The Shipley Center for Innovation is available for our students, serving as a resource in the development of proof of concepts for emerging business ideas; educating students on start-up grants, business competitions, product patents and other venture capital opportunities; providing hands-on internship options; and accelerating the exchange of ideas between faculty, students and industry.
  • Clarkson Ignite is our University-wide call to action and constant reminder to our students that in today’s world, innovation drives everything. Check out what students have access to through Clarkson Ignite.

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