Academic Support

We understand that the academics at Clarkson are rigorous, so we create an environment where our students feel comfortable seeking assistance early in their time here and at the beginning of each semester. Previous experience has shown us that our students have better performance and outcomes in courses for which tutoring was sought before midterm and continued to the end of the semester. We are here to help our students reach all of their academic goals.

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Tutoring Services

The Clarkson University Tutoring Program, for which there is no fee, is for on-going, long-term assistance, and is offered in small group, as well as “drop-in” formats. The tutoring staff consists of qualified undergraduates within the University who are overseen by staff members.

Clarkson has two drop-in tutoring centers which are open up to five days a week in the evenings, helping primarily with courses from math, physics, chemistry and engineering.

We also offer small group tutoring throughout the semester. These groups meet weekly for 1.25 hours, scheduled around individual schedules and students join them by registering online. 

These services are very popular with our students, with many seeking out one or both methods of tutoring assistance. 


Writing Center

Regardless of your area of study, written communication skills are important in career settings, and therefore, important at Clarkson. Our Writing Center is here to help you improve your written communication skills, providing one-on-one consultations in a collaborative environment.

Staff at the Writing Center assist with academic papers such as lab reports, essays, research papers, Honors theses, presentations and conference posters, as well as post-grad and professional projects like graduate school essays, resumes, cover letters, professional websites and even LinkedIn content.

They also offer custom workshops, opportunities for student employment and writing resources. 

Clarkson students can schedule an appointment or drop in during open hours. 

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Study Skills

Sometimes the study skills brought from high school differ from the skills required at the college level, or sometimes our students are simply looking for unique and personalized ways of improving their study habits. The Student Success Center staff provides academic support on various topics including:

  • Time Management
  • Effective Study Skills
  • Test Preparation and Taking Strategies
  • Textbook Reading
  • Note Taking

First-Year Services

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CU Connect

Through CU Connect, every first-year student has the opportunity to connect in a meaningful way with a Clarkson University administrative and/or staff member. Our goal is to provide students with guidance and support early on in the semester to help them with their transition to college.

Students and staff meet several times throughout the first semester and some continue contact into the second semester. Our semi-structured and flexible outline of contacts helped students feel comfortable seeking necessary information about academic and non-academic aspects of college. 

First-Year Seminar - FY100

Discussion, team activities, leadership opportunities, and fall-semester interaction with upper-class peer educators form the foundation of this course that all first-year students take.

This course is beneficial to first-year students in that it:

  • Introduces the mission and expectations of the learning process at Clarkson
  • Builds communication and teamwork skills
  • Provides some fundamental content relating to wellness and relationships during the college experience. 
Professional Development, Wellness & Academic Advising Seminar - UNIV 102

This seminar-style course is an intentional and integrated effort to provide Clarkson University students with best-in-class career guidance, academic support, wellness monitoring, and curricular advisement where students can make meaningful decisions regarding curricular and co-curricular experiences in a health manner.  This is a collaborative effort across multiple Clarkson University departments designed to help students become well-rounded and better prepared for their professional job search, make confident academic major choices, have a better understanding of post-graduate career options, and learn about managing a work-life balance as their academic career becomes more rigorous.  The course aims to provide a supportive mechanism in addition to academic advising for further soft-skill development, resilient behaviors, and exploration (major, career, personal, etc.). 

Throughout the course students will engage in activities designed to develop professional competencies, to prepare practical career-related documents, develop appropriate course schedules, and learn how to maximize  academic advisor appointments. Students will also participate in multiple engagement opportunities with Alumni to encourage job shadowing, career research, and professional connections. All students will leave the course with customized job-search documents including a cover letter, sample networking notes, and a professional LinkedIn profile.


At Clarkson, we want to ensure that all of our students feel mentally, emotionally and physically safe. We have a program called SafetyNet, which is an online reporting form that any campus member can fill out to report or initiate notification of the right people to explore or address a concern. Concerns to report can range anywhere from a student who may be sick to routinely missing class, from an individual acting out of character to a complaint of abuse.

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The University offers in-person “Springboard'' courses (in fields such as Calculus, Business, Computer Science & Chemistry) to support student confidence in their first semester.  All sessions include mentorship from current students and faculty as well as first-year program advisors. Incoming students can get an early start on their academic career by joining! Registration will open up June 2023.

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Test Preparation Services

MCAT Test Prep

Clarkson offers an MCAT Prep Course designed to help Clarkson Pre-Med students prepare for the exam. This course (non-credit course) is offered both in the Fall and Spring semesters. The course outcomes are:

  • Students will understand the fundamentals of the four major areas of MCAT content including (a) biological and biochemical foundations of living systems (b) chemical and physical foundations of biological systems and (c) psychological, social and biological foundations of behavior and (d) critical analysis and reasoning skills
  • Students will improve their ability to perform on the MCAT
GRE, GMAT, PSAT and SAT Test Prep

We offer test preparation courses for the GRE (Graduate Record Exam), GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test), PSAT (Preliminary SAT) and SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). 

Each prep course is four to six weeks in length and they are offered during both the fall and spring semesters. Classes meet twice per week. Some courses are divided into two sections: verbal (which includes analytical writing) and Math. Class size is limited to ensure individual needs can be addressed.

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Join F1RST CONNECTION to be a part of the first generation* community. Did you know that one in four students at Clarkson University identify as first-gen? The F1RST CONNECTION is a living learning community (LLC) that celebrates our students who identify as first-gen. This LLC is designed to foster a support system among first-gen students. It will provide an inclusive environment and will help you connect with faculty and staff invested in your success. Students who choose to live in this community gain an extra layer of support in navigating through the university, learning about resources and programs designed specifically for you and it will connect you with fellow first-gen students. 

*first-generation means both parents or legal guardians do not hold a baccalaureate degree.

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Student Success Center Alumni Speaker Series

The SSC Alumni Speaker Series provides a platform for SSC graduates to motivate and inspire students from a program and campus that have had a significant impact on shaping their lives. In addition to providing a means for current SSC students and other members of our campus community to interact with our SSC Alumni, the event serves the purpose of highlighting the important work and success stories of our alumni in varying fields. These special individuals continue to epitomize what it means to be a "Golden Knight."