We believe there is one overarching principle in marketing: know your customer.

And at Clarkson, we’ll teach you to do just that.

In today’s competitive marketspace, the competition for customers is a real Shark Tank. Our marketing courses help you learn the factors that influence consumers, including packaging, design, presentation, and branding. Knowing consumer behavior is the fundamental building block upon which all business strategies rest. 

We’ll help you understand the importance of brand equity, whether you are making a pitch for venture capital, presenting a new e-commerce platform, assessing the financial worth and value of a firm, managing a bank or managing a supply chain. 

Our courses also give you experience in implementing and understanding all-important, targeted marketing and consumer research.

Clarkson’s unique Innovation and Entrepreneurship major is the best home for students pursuing a career in marketing or a related area. It’s flexible and provides the most marketing coursework including classes on marketing basics, consumer behavior, research and new product development. 

In addition, the curriculum is drenched in coursework focusing on innovation, a primary area of marketing. Compared to a traditional marketing major, an Innovation and Entrepreneurship major immerses you in marketing content as well as interrelated entrepreneurship studies. Within this context that replicates the experiences of marketing professionals, you will gain a thorough understanding of marketing and its role in starting a new venture or working in an established corporate environment. 

An emphasis on experiential learning is a hallmark of all courses in the David D.  Reh School of Business and why we are named among the best schools of business. Students who take marketing courses will be better prepared for their careers, no matter their major. In any business setting, you will find it is easy to know those who have studied marketing in this intense kind of interdisciplinary experience: they have a much better grasp of the bigger strategic picture.

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