The study of finance leads to better decision-making. 

Wherever you see yourself in five, 10, or even 15 years, it is critical to move forward with an understanding of the relationship between risk and return (or, the value of money and the role of uncertainty).  In partnership with employers and industry leaders, our finance curriculum has been carefully developed to ensure that our students understand these key aspects of finance and have the tools needed to make better business decisions.

Whether you see yourself entering the private or public sector or working for yourself, you need to be able to make sound business decisions.  As a component of all business majors, courses in the finance curriculum empower students with the tools to do just that.

At Clarkson you can go all in for finance studies and major in Financial Information & Analysis. Through experiential learning, students learn from real life problems facing individuals and businesses.  The program is designed to push you beyond the basics by recognizing the changing complexion of finance and adjusting our curriculum accordingly. These kinds of firsthand experiences and flexibility to meet the market demands are why Clarkson is ranked among the best schools of business.  

As reflected in the increasing interdependence of finance and accounting, the business community needs especially effective leaders as traditional roles evolve. Our business programs produce those leaders. 

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