Research Strengths

Materials Synthesis
  • Fine particle synthesis, surface modifications and dispersions
  • Thin and thick film coatings
  • Smart materials
  • Functional polymer materials
  • Materials and structures for energy conservation and solar devices
  • Biocompatible materials
Materials Processing
  • Additive manufacturing using metals and alloys
  • Film deposition methods for metals, alloys and dielectrics
  • Anti-corrosion technology
  • Chemical mechanical polishing
Materials – Computational Methods
  • Models and simulations for fine particle dispersions in air and/or fluids
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of structural materials
Materials Characterization
  • Full spectrum of analytical tools including electron microscopy (SEM, TEM), atomic force microscopy (AFM), powder x-ray diffraction, single crystal x-ray crystallography, and a range of thermal and mechanical analysis instruments.

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Suresh Dhaniyala Quote
"With the help of Clarkson’s Center for Advanced Materials Processing, we have been able to make significant progress in our NSF STTR project.  In the short time during which the project has been active, CAMP along with our faculty/student collaborators at Clarkson, have been able to produce an air sensor prototype that holds great promise. We are very excited about what we hope is the start of a long partnership between CAMP and Potsdam Sensors."

Suresh Dhaniyala, Ph.D., Owner Potsdam Sensors, LLC

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Corporate & Government Sponsors have an opportunity to develop a closer working relationship with the faculty across Clarkson University’s schools and departments, who have knowledge, skills, expertise, and experience in cutting edge science and engineering disciplines pertinent to the company’s product lines. Corporate Sponsors may use CAMP as an extant research arm to understand existing product performance, an innovation lab to develop and evaluate new products or improve processes, and/or a partner in new product development. In addition, Corporate Sponsors will have preferred access to meet and collaborate with Clarkson students (undergraduate and graduate levels), to establish preferred talent pipelines addressing future workforce needs.

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The Center for Advanced Materials Processing at Clarkson University is a NYSTAR designated Center for Advanced Technology

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