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Department Spotlight

Professor Evgeny Katz

Clarkson Professor Evgeny Katz, the Milton Kerker Chair of Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science, was awarded the Katsumi Niki Prize for Bioelectrochemistry 2019 for his outstanding contribution to the fields of bioelectrochemistry, biosensors, bioelectronics, biofuel cell, and biocomputing. Read More.

2019 President's Challenge

ChemoSense is a winner in the 2018-2019 "President's Challenge: Using the Internet of Things (IoT)" to improve the North Country community. Graduate students Abraham Samuel Finny, Chemistry PhD student, and Aswin Prathap Pitchiya, Chemical Engineering PhD student, won first place and $5,000 in their category for their ChemoSense proposal. ChemoSense is an app which provides users with customized real-time data on corrosion in their environment and suggests corrective and preventive measures. The monitoring system will get smarter with use and over time can even predict corrosion. Read more.

Silvana Andreescu Shark Tank Winner

Silvana Andreescu, Professor and Egon Matijević Chair of Chemistry, and her Ignite team colleagues Stefan Grimberg (civil and environmental engineering) and Dhara Trivedi (physics) were awarded 2019 Clarkson Ignite Research Fellowship funding for their proposed Healthy World Solutions/Advanced Materials Development project entitled “Advanced Materials Design for Preventing Water Eutrophication." Read more.

Mario Wriedt

Mario Wriedt, associate professor of chemistry & biomolecular science, in Clarkson University's School of Arts & Sciences and Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering, respectively, were awarded the John W. Graham Jr. Faculty Research Award during the University's spring 2019 commencement . Read More.