About Our Department

Professor Devon Shipp working in a lab with a student

As leaders recognized for their collaboration across disciplines in order to solve complex problems, our faculty have expertise in a variety of subjects in chemical science. Research and instruction include  topics such as: biotechnology, neuro pharmacology, cancer research, genetic engineering, biophysics, molecular modeling, nanotechnology and biomaterials science.

As a department, we produce approximately  60 publications and patents per year. Research is supported by external grants totaling more than $1 million annually. Our faculty present 100 to 150 talks annually at other universities, national and international meetings.

As a student, you can get in on the ground level of research, starting in your freshman year..  Research faculty welcome or undergraduate students who want to participate and learn in the lab setting. The hands-on experience is essential to the Clarkson experience in undergraduate and graduate studies.

6 Reasons Behind the ROI
Faculty at the Forefront
Access to international field leaders, journal editors, conference organizers & advisory boards
Collaboration Across Disciplines
Solve complex problems across engineering, physics & biology
State-of-the-Art Labs & Instrumentation
Know the protocols, tools and capabilities needed for industry applications
Powerhouse Research Center Connections
Biotechnology, neuro pharmacology, cancer research, genetic engineering, biophysics, molecular modeling, nanotechnology & biomaterials science.
Patents, Publications & Seminars
Experience putting research discoveries & findings to work for public good & recognition
Faculty Directed Research
Learn how to ask key questions, interpret data & find answers.
5 year average total
Undergraduate Placement
Grad School
Top Grad Schools
Clarkson University • Columbia University • Cornell University • Drexel University • MIT • Purdue University • U Conn • Michigan • SUNY Buffalo • Syracuse University
Top Employers
Anaren Microwave Inc.
Barton & Loguidice
Bristol Myers Squibb
Department of Defense
General Electric Company
Lockheed Martin
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

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