SSS at Clarkson

Services for SSS Students include:

  • SSS FY 100
  • College Survival Skills
  • Graduate & Career Prep
  • Course Specific Tutoring/Small Group Tutoring
  • Academic/Professional Coaching
  • Financial Literacy & Planning
  • Holistic Advising
  • Intake Interview/Needs Assessment
  • Workshops
  • GRE/MCAT Prep

Additionally, first- and second-year students who are qualified both by income and first-generation college status, who are in good academic standing after the fall semester and who meet additional qualifications may receive a grant award to supplement their financial aid package.

Applying to SSS

SSS program provides support services to low-income students, first generation college students, and disabled students enrolled in post-secondary education programs. Check your eligibility here.

Our Staff

Cathy McNamara of Student Support Services at Clarkson University

Cathy McNamara, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Support and Student Engagement 

Cathy is a seasoned administrator, collaborator, and leader who has been passionate about students succeeding in college from her early days as an admissions representative. Growing up in a first generation house and also as a military dependent, she learned how to navigate new environments and meet new people quickly; those experiences instilled in her how to help others do the same. Cathy’s bachelor’s degree is in Biology with a Masters in Teaching and also a Masters in Counseling and Human Development. Cathy leads Academic Support and Student Engagement at the university. (email:


Kelsey Guerard of Student Support Services at Clarkson University

Kelsey Guerard, Assistant Director of SSS and First Year Seminar Coordinator

Kelsey is a North Country native. She has her BA in History from SUNY Potsdam and a M.S.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, also from Potsdam State. Kelsey specializes in time and task management and working with First Year Students. You can also find Kelsey in the First Year Seminar classroom during the fall semester.


Abbey Hardin of Student Support Services at Clarkson University

Abbey Hardin, Program Coordinator of SSS

Abbey is also originally from the North Country (NoCo proud!). She has her B.Tech in Graphic and Multimedia Design from SUNY Canton. She was a first generation student, meaning she was the first in her immediate family to achieve a 4-year college degree. She has dedicated the past 6 years to working on grants in higher education that promote student retention and success. Abbey loves that her job is to build relationships with students, and to connect them with resources.


Kate Mikel of Student Support Services at Clarkson University

Kate Mikel, Associate Director of SSS and Tutor Coordinator

Kate is originally from the Midwest, but has worked at Clarkson for over two decades.  She received her B.A. in English and her MS Ed in Higher Education Administration from Eastern Illinois University.  Kate enjoys meeting with students and helping them develop and meet their personal, professional and academic goals. Kate also oversees the Tutoring Program.


Maya Dufresne of Student Support Services at Clarkson University

Maya Dufresne, Student Retention Specialist

Maya obtained a Master's degree in Education and works closely with high-risk students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Maya supports SSS-eligible students, international students, and students in need through advising and identifying service gaps based on best retention practices. Maya advises the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers (SASE) and advocates for the AAPI community to explore and enhance their cultural agility and professional skill development at Clarkson.


Contact Us

Get in touch! By email:; by phone: 315-268-2209; and follow us on Instagram: sss_clarkson.