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Clarkson ROTC

ROTC at Clarkson has a history of strong academic backgrounds and demanding physical fitness. We promote an active mindset and the ability to rapidly assimilate information to thrive in the program. Our past scholar-athlete-leaders (SALs) note that leadership skills developed through their participation in the program at Clarkson are further honed during their period of service as Army officers.

Our ROTC program commissions officers enter active duty within a year from graduation. Not only do you earn a degree, but you develop valuable life skills for the future.

The ROTC program experience differs from person to person. Get a first-hand look at the day-to-day experiences of our cadets by following their blogs.

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Since 1936, Army ROTC at Clarkson has provided students with the opportunity to combine world-class leadership and management training with their other academic studies. The state-of-the-art curriculum, which consists of a series of classroom and hands-on leadership training experiences, gives students the necessary foundation to serve successfully in positions of responsibility in either Americas's Army or the corporate world.

Air Force ROTC
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Air Force ROTC is a program we offer to prepare you to become an Air Force officer while earning your degree. There are specific scholarships and grants specifically for ROTC students. This affords you with the opportunity to become a leader, in academics and thought. Our program is more than just a series of classes — it’s a challenge and the head start on a lifetime of success, within the Air Force and in life.


One of the most common questions about ROTC is regarding the obligations. Here is what you should know:

  • There is no obligation if you are enrolled in ROTC until you sign a contract. If you aren't a scholarship winner, you may not be presented with a contract until your junior year.
  • Upon signing a contract, you will incur an 8-year obligation, just as you do any time you join the military.

You must agree to a contract to continue into your junior year, and once you sign the contract, you will be paid a monthly stipend. You can typically continue to serve past your obligation should you choose.

You can fulfill your obligation one of four ways, depending on whether you are a scholarship recipient and whether you initially serve on active duty or enter the Reserves or National Guard when you graduate.


If You are a Scholarship Recipient

4 years active duty and 
4 years in the Ready Reserves
8 years in the Reserves/National Guard

If You are Not a Scholarship Recipient

3 years active duty and 
5 years in the Ready Reserves
6 years in the Reserves/National Guard and 
2 years in the Ready Reserves

Air Force ROTC

All Cadets

4 years of active duty service
4 years inactive ready reserve