David A. Walsh Seminar Series

The Arts and Sciences Seminar Series is a biweekly colloquium series that has been generously supported by Clarkson University Alumnus David A. Walsh '67 and the School of Arts and Sciences, and organized through a series of presentations that often take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays from 12-1 pm, throughout both the Fall & Spring Semesters.

The mission of the Seminar Series is to bring faculty from across the School of Arts and Sciences together to foster a multidisciplinary research community at Clarkson University, as well as to help create new research and teaching collaborations between faculty whose interests and research connect.

The Seminar Series also functions as an opportunity for speaking across disciplines - to inspire reflection in a way that will help the audience understand the technical, theoretical, methodological, or empirical questions, as well as, a prestigious venue for invited speakers from local, national, or international institutions of higher learning, government, or industry to present their current research to Clarkson University.  

Contact Shontai Pohl, pohl@clarkson.edu, for more information.

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