Teaching and Learning

Clarkson University is dedicated to providing a conducive learning experience to its students of diverse backgrounds and experiences. The office of diversity and inclusion is committed to supporting diversity at Clarkson in order to serve the wide range of disciplines, and learning styles that occur across campus.

  • The Office for Teaching and Learning for Diversity and Inclusion (OTLDI) will host workshops dedicated to classroom management, syllabus design, pedagogy enhancement, and negotiating the kinds of issues and problems even experienced faculty face while trying to create a diverse, safe and welcoming classroom atmosphere conducive for effective learning. 
  • The OTLDI will host trainings for new faculty, and for key figures in faculty development: Deans and Chairs. These training will be coordinated and shared with similar offices on the four campuses in our area.
  • The OTLDI will respond directly to emerging faculty needs, and work closely with the various Diversity and Inclusion offices and initiatives on the Clarkson campus.
  • The OTLDI will work closely with offices and decision makers seeking to develop a more inclusive curriculum across the campus, including classes designed to enhance a Clarkson student’s ability to negotiate diverse and inclusive workplaces and graduate programs, while cultivating the skills and vision necessary to be a global citizen.

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