Journey Into Clarkson

Journey into Clarkson is a way for prospective students to learn more about Clarkson and what Clarkson can offer you in terms of educational, career and social opportunities. It is also an opportunity for prospective students to start building relationships with Clarkson staff, students, and faculty.

Who Benefits from Journey Into Clarkson?

Potential students and their families who may:

  • be the first generation to attend college
    You have accomplished a lot already to get here and it would be useful for you and your loved ones to have someone who can help explain in more detail all that college has to offer and how to best prepare yourselves for the application process and college success.
  • be from underrepresented, underserved communities
    You're part of the growing numbers of Women, Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, LGBTQ+ individuals, entering science, engineering, math, health and tech fields to meet society's needs.
  • have economic need
    You have dreams and drive and just need to understand how you can afford college and all it has to offer you.

What can you expect from a Journey Into Clarkson event?

  • Personal attention
  • Special topics relevant to you and your needs
  • Language assistance
  • Meet and greets with many key Clarkson staff, current students and faculty
  • To get a feel for the courses and academic programs offered at Clarkson
  • To familiarize yourself with the campus and local area
  • To learn about social life and ways to get involved and use your Clarkson knowledge in your own community

Talk to Our Staff and Students

Want to hear more about Clarkson from students living the experience? Contact us at and we'll put you in contact with the type of student you're looking to chat with. 

Journey Into Clarkson Spring 2024


This spring, all accepted students who identify with one of the scenarios explained above, are welcome to join us for our Journey Into Clarkson 2024 event, taking place on Friday, April 5th. Students who attend this event are automatically registered for Accepted Students Day on Saturday, April 6th. We have two ways for you to join us, all which require having a chaperone/adult present. If you have circumstances in which none of the three options below work for you, or if you are hoping to travel without a chaperone/adult, please reach out to our office for further assistance.

Option 1: Self-transportation

If you'd like to join us for Journey Into Clarkson but our two complimentary bus options are not an option, you can still participate! Just check "on my own" on the event registration and you'll be all set. Once you've made your reservation, we will book your complimentary hotel room (one per accepted student/family) and work with you on any further details. 

Option 2: Complimentary Bus Transportation from New York City and Albany, NY area

Students who live in the New York City or Albany, NY areas can take advantage of our complimentary Premier coach bus service. This option includes one complimentary hotel night per accepted student/family. Students MUST be accompanied by a chaperone/adult, with a limit of one per student. 


7:00 am: Pick up at Moynihan Train Station, New York City
10:30 am: Pick up at Clifton Park Center, Albany area; Complimentary lunch for all
2:30 pm: Arrival at hotel in Potsdam, NY
3:30 pm: Welcome to Clarkson
4:30 pm: Student Panel
5:30 pm: Family Dinner at Mama Lucia's with Clarkson faculty, staff and students
7:00 pm: Student to Student activities
7:00 pm: Families return to the hotel
9:00 pm: Students return to the hotel


6 - 8:15 am: Complimentary breakfast at the hotel
8:15 am: Tour of Potsdam, NY
9:30 am: Accepted Students Day activities
2:15 pm: Departure from Potsdam, NY
5:45 pm: Drop off at Clifton Park Center, Albany area; Complimentary dinner for all NYC guests
8:30 pm: Drop off at Moynihan Train Station, New York City

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