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Informal education environments are also recognized as one of the most important vehicles for introducing STEM to underrepresented/underserved students and leading them to pursue STEM careers. We also have undergraduate and graduate programs designed to instill STEM education within the new generation of teachers - better preparing them for cutting edge curricula.

Engaging an audience from kindergarten through the most advanced levels of graduate research, we make possible an unprecedented experiential learning environment. Whether in Potsdam, Schenectady or Beacon you are sure to receive an education that prepares you for the future of science, technology, engineering and math.

-Forbes Top 25 STEM Colleges

Teaching Boot Camps

At Clarkson, we take teacher training very seriously, which is why we spearheaded several unique “boot camps” geared towards three different paths: high school students interested in pursuing a teaching degree; masters students entering the teaching industry for the first time; and doctoral students who will work as teaching assistants while completing their PhD.

Careers in Teaching Summer Camp

This two-day camp, which is held at Clarkson’s Capital Region Campus in Schenectady, NY, is for high school students interested in a career in teaching. Workshops and presentations provide students with opportunities to learn about the teaching profession while interacting with Clarkson graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Teaching program and Clarkson’s Department of Education faculty. The 2017 summer camp was generously supported by the Schenectady Foundation and the Little Family Foundation. To learn more, contact Nicki Foley.

Summer Institute for Early Career Teachers

Based upon Clarkson’s successful Teacher Boot Camp, the Summer Institute for Early Career Teachers prepares the University’s new graduate teaching assistants (TAs) through a required five-week “boot camp,” where TAs take courses on pedagogy with an emphasis on STEM fields. Participants divide the day by taking classes in the morning and practice teaching in the afternoons.

"I have been a professor in Ghana, but through the Summer Institute for Early Career Teachers, I learned a lot of new things. The constant practice in front of the class really helped me a lot. This has been a life changing experience for me in terms of pedagogy".

Freddie Amoah-Darko, 2017 participant of the Summer Institute for Early Career Teachers

STEM Up NY Noyce

Clarkson's STEM Up NY program provides up to 20 scholarships to aspiring teachers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) subjects to help address the shortage of secondary teachers for those subjects in high-need schools.

Scholarship recipients receive $20,000 for their undergraduate senior year, $20,000 for the year it takes to complete their Master of Arts in Teaching and extensive support in preparing for and securing their first teaching positions. In return, the students will commit to spending four years teaching in a high-need district. 

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