Prior to Arrival

  • Review your admission and financial aid letters - make sure you fully understand your admission and financial aid offer, and any expenses you will be responsible for as a graduate student at Clarkson.  If you have any questions, contact your graduate coordinator.
  • Student Health Forms (click the link to complete the required forms) - Health forms are due to the Student Health Center by: 
    • July 1 (Fall Entry)
    • December 1 (Spring Entry)
    • May 1 (Summer Entry)
  • Health Insurance - all students at Clarkson are required to show proof of health insurance during registration.  If you do not have insurance through an outside provider, you will be prompted to purchase Clarkson's student health insurance plan when you check-in for classes.  You can review details of this requirement at  More information will also be included in your first invoice.
  • Housing Information
    Please note that Clarkson University does not endorse any specific accommodations, ​​​​​​and the information below is not an exhaustive list and is meant as a resource only.
    • Potsdam
      • Campus Residence: A limited number of on-campus housing (apartment style) are available. The semester rates may be found here. Please contact Residence Life to reserve campus residences. Campus housing is a great solution for those wanting the closest proximity to campus. 
      • Off Campus: Suitable apartments in Potsdam are very limited. As soon as you know you are definitely coming to Clarkson, you should secure an apartment immediately. A list of some housing resources is below. These rental agreements are between the student and rental company or landlord. In view of the housing situation, we strongly suggest that you arrive on campus at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of classes. 
    • Schenectady:  it is your responsibility to secure appropriate off-campus housing.  Clarkson does not offer on-campus accommodations in Schenectady.  Suitable apartments close to the graduate center are very limited.  As soon as you know you are definitely coming to Clarkson, you should secure an apartment immediately.  In view of the housing situation, we strongly suggest that you arrive on campus at least a few days prior to the start of classes.  When securing housing verify you are on a bus line unless you have access to a vehicle during your stay.  Please check out but don't limit yourself to the links below:
  • Important Dates

Upon Arrival

  • Orientation - All Campus Locations:
    Clarkson strives to assist in preparing you for your graduate education which may be delivered either onsite, online or hybrid.  Some of the onsite programs have a mandatory session, specifically for international students.  Some of the online programs have a mandatory online session.  Hybrids may offer both.  Regardless of what program you are in you should be working with your program graduate coordinator to verify you are scheduled for the appropriate session which will generally be just prior to the start of your first class.
  • Check in with your Graduate Coordinator and Department Office
  • Pay tuition & fees and complete check-in - IMPORTANT!!! You will not have access to Moodle (Clarkson's portal for online course content) until your fees are paid and check-in is complete!  You may also be subject to late fees if this is not completed in a timely manner! 
  • Meet with your advisor to plan course enrollment - detailed instructions on completing course enrollment can be found here (Clarkson username & password required).  
  • Employment Eligibility Verification - ALL graduate students holding research or teaching assistantships, or who expect to work on campus, must provide certain identification and employment eligibility documents within 3 days of your official start date.  For more information regarding employment as a student at Clarkson, please see our website at  Upon arrival visit your graduate coordinator's office to begin this process.  Please plan to have the following documentation with you: 
    • US Citizens: two forms of ID along with/including your Social Security Card.
    • International Students: I-94, visa, and passport.
  • ID Cards   
    All Clarkson students are asked to secure a valid Clarkson University Identification Access/ ID card when on any Clarkson University campus.  Lost, stolen or damaged ID's should be reported to the Department of Campus Safety & Security immediately.  The Beacon Institute has not started to utilize the ID access system as yet, but students are welcome to request one via email through the Potsdam Campus Safety office.  ID cards are effective your first day of study.  Please note, your Clarkson student ID will work at both the Potsdam and Schenectady campus locations.  To secure an ID please log into your PeopleSoft account and follow the instructions found in your ‘To-do’ List.
  • Vehicle Registration:
    Vehicles on the Potsdam or Schenectady campus must be registered.  The form has been placed in the PeopleSoft Self-Service for both students and employees.  Please login to your account and add your vehicle. To secure a parking pass/sticker:
    • Potsdam:  Your registration sticker can be picked up during orientation along with your student ID.
    • Schenectady*:   Your registration pass can be picked up at the front desk on the first floor of CRC.
    • Beacon: Not required to register your vehicle.

      *Schenectady students may need to secure a Union campus parking pass if they take a class on their campus.  Please contact your student rep.
  • Computer Access & Set Up - obtain your username and PIN to complete password set-up (if you did not do this during the admission process).  This will allow you to access PeopleSoft, Campus Email, Moodle (for courses with online components), and on-campus computers.  For assistance, e-mail the OIT Helpdesk.
  • Graduate Conduct & Integrity Code - this will be provided in your orientation folder.  Read the packet and return the signed front page to your graduate coordinator within one week of arrival.

Other Information