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Current Clarkson undergraduate and graduate students can take advantage of a wide variety of micro-credential offerings while pursuing bachelor's, master's and PhD programs. View our current offerings with the link above.
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Working professionals have the opportunity to earn micro-credentials through Clarkson University. We offer several modules and short courses throughout the year. Learn more about current offerings at the link above.
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Clarkson works with corporate partners to provide specialized micro-credentials employees to help both the corporation and employee reach their career and skills goals. We currently partner with companies like IBM, Siemens and Turner Construction.

Micro-credentials Frequently Asked Questions

What is a micro-credential?
CU Microcredential Supply Chain

Micro-credentials are stackable digital credentials that are endorsed by Clarkson University and that represent earners’ verified knowledge, skills, and experiences. When you enroll in a micro-credential module, you’ll participate in a short learning experience, e.g., an online course, workshop, or internship. You earn micro-credentials by successfully demonstrating your knowledge or skills via expert-designed assessments. Micro-credentials you earn can be shared on digital résumés, LinkedIn, ePortfolios, personal web pages—nearly any digital context where you want to show employers what you know and can do.

Who can pursue micro-credentials through Clarkson University?

Clarkson micro-credentials are available to current Clarkson University students, working professionals and industry partners. Clarkson undergraduate and graduate students can enroll in micro-credentials free of charge.

Why pursue a micro-credential?
  • Enhance your degree
    Micro-credentials can either supplement and enhance coursework you've taken in the past or are currently taking, or they can open the door to a completely new area of competency.
  • Validate your skillset to employers
    Because micro-credentials require skills and knowledge to be proven, they are continuing to grow in popularity with employers as valid assessments of mastery. Adding micro-credentials to your resume and/or transcript shows additional competency in specific areas that employers are looking for at any given moment in a fast-paced world. 
  • Start small 
    Not sure if you're ready to dive in to a whole new program of study, minor, major, certificate or master's program? Micro-credentials give you the opportunity to assess whether your new pursuit is what you really want, with minimal time commitment and maximum flexibility. 
How long does it take to complete a micro-credential?

Most micro-credentials require a total of 10-12 hours to complete, but vary based on the skill or competency. 

How will I prove that I've completed a micro-credential?

Clarkson partners with Credly to create legitimate proof of your micro-credential completion through the form of a digital badge. Upon completion of your first micro-credential, you will have access to Credly and will be able to utilize your digital badge on social media, your resume and more. 

Who teaches Clarkson's micro-credentials modules and courses?

All Clarkson micro-credential modules and courses are led by Clarkson faculty, staff and alumni, as well as industry experts. Any student pursuing a micro-credential through Clarkson has access to support and campus resources. 

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