Growing and Verifying Skills

The tools employees need to thrive in the workplace regularly evolve in response to new technologies, capabilities and expectations.

Microcredentials from Clarkson help employees to upskill and reskill in areas such as engineering, data science, entrepreneurship and leadership.

A recent poll shows 95 percent of employers support microcredentials — but they want to know that they come from a reliable source. Clarkson's expert-designed assessments mean employees acquire updated skills, knowledge and experience from a source employers can trust.

Microcredentials for Current Clarkson Students

Current Clarkson undergraduate and graduate students can take advantage of a variety of microcredential offerings while pursuing bachelor's, master's and PhD programs.

Corporate Partnerships

As an employer, you're aware of how ongoing training benefits your staff and your organization as a whole. But, developing effective programs takes time. When you partner with Clarkson to create micro-credential programs, you'll join a group of companies like IBM, Siemens and Turner Construction that utilize our expertise and hands-on instruction to upskill their workers and remain competitive in their respective industries.

Information for Corporate Partners

Microcredentials for Professionals

Find a program that fits into your busy schedule. Most of our microcredential courses can be completed online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microcredentials are bite-sized courses that deliver knowledge, skills and experiences. These credentials are stackable — which means you can compile multiple microcredentials to demonstrate your mastery of multiple skills.

At Clarkson, your microcredential class may be an online course, workshop or internship. You'll demonstrate your mastery of the topic through expert-designed assessments. Once you earn a microcredential, you can share it on your résumé, LinkedIn, an electronic portfolio or anywhere you want to show employers what you know and can do.

Most microcredential courses require a total of 10-12 hours to complete but vary based on the skill or competency.

You'll get a digital badge issued through Open Badge Factory that demonstrates proof of your microcredential. Open Badge Factory is recognized as a trusted leader in the field. After finishing your first microcredential, you'll be able to post your digital badge directly on many electronic platforms or share a link anywhere.

All Clarkson microcredential modules and courses are led by Clarkson faculty, staff and alumni, as well as industry experts.

Clarkson offers microcredentials that complement each student's degree and give their job prospects an even bigger boost. 

Find out more about the microcredentials we offer below.

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