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Why partner with Clarkson University to develop micro-credentials?

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The micro-credentials program at Clarkson helps you hire, develop, and retain talent by verifying and recognizing people for what they know and can do.

Hire applicants with the knowledge and skills you need.
The knowledge and skills of micro-credential earners have been verified via expert-designed assessments.  

Develop current employees.
Partnering with Clarkson means offering micro-credentials that are tailor made to fit your organization, from knowledge and skills down to the specific processes and forms your organization uses. Micro-credentials enable you to define professional development goals and/or pathways to progression in your organization, and then offer flexible and supported training for your employees to develop toward those goals.

Retain talent.
Workers say meaningful training and development opportunities are a significant reason they’d stay with an employer, and that’s according to  SHRM, LinkedIn, Gallup, and Deloitte, among others.  

With us, you can offer customized online training without risk.
Customized online learning is wonderful for employees, but a resource intensive benefit if you offer it yourself — think learning management system, system administration, trainers/instructional designers, and help desk support staff. Clarkson University has been doing online learning for years, so leave it to us!

How it Works for Employers

Learner-workers register for a micro-credential course, which may be offered in Clarkson University’s learning management system Moodle, in-person, or a hybrid of online and in-person.

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Learners work through the micro-credential curriculum and take assessments that verify their knowledge and skills. Learners who successfully demonstrate their knowledge and skill earn recognition in the form of a micro-credential, which is an information-rich and cryptographically verifiable digital image.

Step 1:

Identify the knowledge, skills, and experience your organization needs to meet its goals.

Step 2:

Choose micro-credentials from our catalog or build your own. Clarkson faculty and instructional designers are available to help adapt micro-credentials to your exact needs.

Step 3:

Enroll members of your organization. Learning is available 24/7 and verified by expert-designed assessments.

Why Do Employees Value Micro-credentials?
Those who earn micro-credentials can make their knowledge, skills, and experiences visible and shareable in digital networks and environments.

What Sets Clarkson Micro-Credentials Apart?

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Customize micro-credentials to fit your specific needs: Clarkson micro-credentials can be adapted to perfectly fit the unique needs and processes of your organization. Work with Clarkson faculty and/or instructional designers to co-design and adapt micro-credential curricula.

Ensure Quality of Instruction and Assessment: Micro-credential instructional content and assessments are designed by experts in subject matter and instructional design. When someone earns a Clarkson micro-credential, you can be assured that their knowledge and skills are verified.

Leverage Clarkson’s Instructional Technology and Learner Support Systems: Your organization has need for flexible, always available training that a learning management system can provide, but developing your own offerings require significant resources and expertise. Partnering with Clarkson can be like having your own LMS (Learning Management System), complete with learner-support systems and knowledgeable staff.

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