Clarkson University is proud to be a top-employer in St. Lawrence County. Clarkson offers eligible faculty and staff a wide-range of comprehensive benefits that support the needs of employees and their families.

The majority of benefits start on an employee’s date of hire. Benefit eligibility is determined by job category and hours worked per week.

In addition to their compensation, employees are eligible to participate in the standard fringe benefits available to them in their classification. These are described in the Clarkson University Operations Manual. Employees can view the fringe benefits section of this document online. 

General Information

  • ALL benefits begin on date of hire unless noted differently.
  • New Employees must elect benefits within two weeks of start date. If an employee fails to elect benefits, he or she will need to wait until the next annual open enrollment or a life-changing event to elect benefits.
  • Life Changing Events – employees have 30 days to submit a life-changing event; once the 30 days have passed, employees need to wait for annual open enrollment. (example:  marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of baby)
  • Fiscal Year – July 1st to June 30th (benefit plan year)
  • Paid Bi-weekly on Fridays
  • All employees are required to have a CU issued ID card and parking permit sticker for Potsdam campus. Contact Campus Safety for questions.
  • To access the operations manual:
    Clarkson University is self-insured.
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