Who is Eligible?

Successful applicants who self-designate as American Indian and Alaskan Native; Asian; Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander; Black/African American; and Hispanic/Latino or are economically disadvantaged. 

Your Commitment: 

  • Pursue and complete Clarkson’s Master of Arts in Teaching program.
  • Become certified to teach in your subject area.
  • Spend four years teaching a subject in a high-need school district in New York state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I required to teach in New York State?

A: Yes, you need to teach in a New York State school for four years in order to fulfill your commitment.

Q: Do I need to teach in a high-need school district for four consecutive years?

A: Yes, you need to teach in a New York State high-need for four years in order to fulfill your commitment.

Q: What is a high-need school district?

A: For the purposes of this grant, more than one third of the students in the district must be eligible for free or reduced lunch in order to qualify as a high-needs school district.



Current Teacher Opportunity Corps Scholars

Ebi Onwe Portrait

Ebi Onwe, MAT '25

Paul Turner MAT '23

Paul Turner, MAT '23

Terry Taylor MAT

Terry Taylor, MAT '23

Agbor Effiom Portrait

Agbor Effiom, MAT '24

Chris Estramera Portrait

Chris Estramera, MAT '23

Celestina Rivera MAT 23

Celestina Rivera, MAT '23

Past Teacher Opportunity Corps Scholars

Yunhee Lee Portrait

Yunhee Lee, MAT '22

Wan Huang Portrait

Wan Huang, MAT '22

Caleb Hughes MAT

Caleb Hughes, MAT '21

Kiache Roxborough

Kaiché Roxborough, MAT ’21 (left, pictured with host teacher)

Sarah Pando

Sarah Pando, MAT ‘21

Alioune Mbodj

Alioune Mbodj, MAT ’20 (Pictured here with Professor Duan, Education Department)

Ping Huang

Ping Huang, MAT ’19 (left) and Yunxiao Zhang, MAT ‘19

Rebecca Butler

Rebecca Butler, MAT ’19 (center, pictured with classmates)

Marciano Rosales

Marciano Rosales, MAT ’18 (right, pictured with classmate)

Ying He

Ying He, MAT ’18 (right, pictured with classmates)

Yibing Emerita Headshot

Yibing Emerita, MAT '22

Michael Burgess MAT

Michael Burgess, MAT '21

Kraig Page MAT '21

Kraig Page, MAT '21

Destiny Perez

Destiny Perez, MAT ‘21

Lilia Weber

Lilia Weber, MAT '21

Dylon Peertamsingh

Dylon Peertamsingh, MAT '19

Amelie Obas

Amelie Obas, MAT ’19 (left, pictured with classmate)

Veleisha Gilet

Veleisha Gilet, MAT ’18 (right, pictured with classmate)

Brian Bushner

Brian Bushner, MAT ’18 (right, pictured with classmate)

Matthew Pinchinat

Matthew Pinchinat, MAT ’16 (center, pictured with classmates)