Who is eligible for the Si Wai Fellowship?

Kids playing basketball.

Successful applicants to the MAT program are eligible to apply for the Si Wai Fellowship. MSB is seeking teachers in all content areas willing to make a two year commitment to teaching at the school.  

How much of my tuition does the Si Wai Fellowship cover?

100% of your tuition is covered by the Si Wai Fellowship!

Do I have to speak Chinese?

No, English is the dominant language spoken in the middle and planned high school. All instruction is in English. 

Is the salary comparable to what I would receive if I stay in New York?

Yes, the salary is similar to a New York State starting teacher salary. Successful candidates also receive a round trip plane ticket annually, generous vacation time, a housing subsidy, and free western health insurance. 

I’m very interested, what is my next step?

Email the Education Department Chair, Catherine Snyder, at csnyder@clarkson.edu!

What is my commitment to MSB?

In exchange for the Si Wai Fellowship covering your full MAT tuition costs, you would be asked to sign a contract to teach at MSB for two years following graduation. You would be asked to teach a typical schedule (roughly five classes).