Our Mission

Tatiana Johnson and Chuck Smith
Tatiana Johnson, MAT ’20 and president of the MAT Black Educators Alumni Affinity Group, pictured with her mentor, Chuck Smith, MAT ’07. 

Clarkson’s Education Department faculty are part of a professional learning community where they share insights and knowledge with each other and learn about the most recent educational research from national experts. Supported by the National Center for Teacher Residencies, this collective learning informs new research and support for all of our teacher candidates, and it helps the teacher preparation field better understand how to prepare a diverse and effective teacher workforce. 

Who is Eligible?

Successful applicants who self-designate as Black/African American.

Your Commitment: 

  • Pursue and complete Clarkson’s Master of Arts in Teaching program.
  • Become certified to teach in your subject area.
  • Obtain a job teaching anywhere in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I required to teach in New York State?

You do not need to teach in New York State to fulfill your commitment. You can teach anywhere in the United States. 

Do I need to teach in a high-need school district?

You do not need to teach in a high-needs school to fulfill your commitment. You can teach anywhere in the United States. 

Do I have to complete the MAT program in one year?

No, you do not need to complete the MAT program in one year, you can pursue your coursework part time. Most of the program benefits are tied to the year you are in your residency. 

Current Black Educators Initiative Fellows

Ebi Onwe Portrait

Ebi Onwe, MAT '25


Mel Rivers, MAT '24

Terry Taylor

Terry Taylor, MAT '23

Agbor Effiom Portrait

Agbor Effiom, MAT '24

Moses Oscar Portrait

Moses Oscar, MAT' 23

Paul Turner

Paul Turner, MAT '23

Past Black Educators Initiative Fellows

Gasim Abdallah

Gasim Abdallah, MAT '21

Destiny Perez MAT 21

Destiny Perez, MAT '21

Bertin Mboko MAT 22

Bertin Mboko, MAT '22

Kiache Roxborough

Kaiché Roxborough, MAT ’21 (left, pictured with host teacher)

Asha Pollydore MAT 21

Asha Pollydore, MAT '21

Caleb Hughes

Caleb Hughes MAT '22

Michael Burgess

Michael Burgess MAT '21

Kraig Page

Kraig Page MAT '21