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Business influences all aspects of the engineering field. The most innovative designs only come to life with a budget, a timeline, a strategy and a vision to sell to clients, investors, consumers and the public at large.

Clarkson University's industry-relevant credentials help you gain the engineering business skills to become a versatile, well-rounded engineering professional. Open to students, alumni and working professionals, these specialized courses managed by the Coulter School of Engineering introduce you to the marketing, project management and organizational competencies employers look for, enhance your résumé and use a convenient, flexible and usually online format.

Areas and Subjects Covered

  • Contract Law
  • Cost Estimating
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technical Sales

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What to Expect

Learn the latest approaches in project management for engineers. Build a foundation in finance and accounting or learn about how advertising works. Expand your understanding of contracts and bring back these tools to your job. Access skills that can enrich your studies, level up your role or set you on a new, exciting path. Our more than 25 credential programs can help you get there. 

When Are Courses Held?

Year-round offerings mean you can enroll in a credential program at your convenience. Sign up throughout the academic year, during summer breaks or around your lifestyle.

Course Formats

Make progress at your own pace and on your own schedule with asynchronous, online courses. Hybrid or in-person learning may be required for firsthand experience or person-to-person activities. 


Go beyond theory and into practice through interactive, hands-on learning experiences. Track your progress with in-class quizzes, assignments, instructor feedback and other evaluation methods. Earn the confidence to apply what you acquired in internships, co-ops, your current job or a new position.

Earn a Digital Badge

Signal to employers that you have the business skills to manage a project, factor in financial realities and take strategic solutions-oriented approaches. A digital badge on LinkedIn, your portfolio or a professional website demonstrates your drive to go above and beyond for your goals and directly illustrates to employers what you know and can do from day one on the job.

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