Advanced Technology Credentials

Accelerate Your Career in a Rapidly Changing Industry 

Advances from space exploration to zero-emission factories and self-driving cars to AI-generated images stand upon technological innovation. These capabilities both disrupt and transform industries, and to continue developing new systems, products and capabilities, engineers must adapt and refine their skills.

Clarkson University's industry-relevant credentials prepare you to shape this exciting future. Managed by the Coulter School of Engineering, these short, often online courses expose you to the latest engineering advances, so you can integrate cutting-edge technological skills and their applications into your toolbox. In response to technology's rapid pace, we open our industry-relevant credentials to current students, alumni and working professionals interested in staying ahead.

Areas and Subjects Covered

  • Design for Manufacturing
  • GD&T
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Metallurgy Basics
  • Reliability

What to Expect

Personalize your education to meet your goals from our more than 25 credentialing programs. Learn to optimize your new product for large-scale manufacturing. Generate 3D-model-based definitions for your new design. Explore the use of metals as building blocks for new structures, systems and capabilities. Prepare to pioneer new technologies in your workplace.

We design all industry-relevant credentials with input from industry leaders and current faculty. Engaging sessions focus on the latest technologies for engineering professionals and reflect Clarkson's academic excellence and unique hands-on approach.

When Are Courses Held?

Maximize your potential through year-round course offerings. Sign up throughout the academic year, during summer break or around your professional obligations.

Course Formats

Make progress at your own pace and on your own schedule with asynchronous, online courses. Hybrid or in-person learning may be required for firsthand experience or person-to-person activities and is held in our state-of-the-art facilities. 


Master advanced and emerging technologies through interactive, hands-on learning experiences. Track your progress with in-class quizzes, assignments, instructor feedback and other evaluation methods. Earn the confidence to apply what you acquired in internships, co-ops, your current job or a new position.

Earn a Digital Badge

Signal to employers that you can apply relevant technologies to problem-solve, design new projects and spur innovation. A digital badge on LinkedIn, your portfolio or a professional website demonstrates your drive to go above and beyond for your goals and directly illustrates to employers what you know and can do from day one on the job.

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