Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction
Please note: as Clarkson University focuses on its industry relevant education, innovation and research, we have partnered with Siena College to offer these programs later in 2024. Please visit Siena's website for more information. 

Make a Positive Impact on the Next Generation

Teaching is one of society's most critical and in-demand professions. In fact, we are currently facing a looming teacher shortage that is expected to greatly impact urban and rural school districts, as well as foreign language and STEM instruction. Moreover, students need educators who can design curricula that fit different types of learners.

Major advances in education research underscore how to better prepare children for the future. We need teachers who can incorporate these methods with effectiveness, compassion and a deep understanding of every child's potential.

An MA in Curriculum and Instruction is the ideal degree for those who:

  • Are preparing for doctoral work in education.
  • Have met New York State teacher certification requirements as part of their undergraduate work and need a master’s degree to meet professional certification requirements.
  • Are Clarkson education students enrolled in a New York State teacher certification track program and have decided not to pursue classroom teaching.
  • Plan to pursue community college or independent school teaching and who wish to learn more about the field of education and education research.

Why Earn an MA in Curriculum and Instruction From Clarkson University?

Clarkson designed the Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction with working teachers in mind. You can complete this flexible program onsite, completely online or through a hybrid combination of online and onsite classes. Most students complete all requirements in two to three years.

Create a program of study that is unique to your career goals. With the help of our exceptional faculty, select the courses you need to gain the skills you want. In addition to their pedagogical expertise, all of our faculty members have a P-12 teaching background. This means that they fully understand the profession's rewards and challenges and foster a supportive learning environment for their graduate students.

The MA in Curriculum and Instruction also has a strong research component, making it the ideal degree for those looking to deepen their understanding of the profession. The results of our rigorous training are evident: graduates of our education programs have enjoyed a 100-percent job placement rate since 2016.

What You'll Learn

The program requires 30 credit hours, with nine dedicated to foundational courses and 12 devoted to research. The remaining credit hours are determined by your own interests, teaching subject and career objectives.

The foundation courses are:

  • Effective Teaching for All Learners
  • Literacy Across the Disciplines or TESOL Literacy
  • Modern Teacher

Review the full curriculum for the MA in Curriculum and Instruction below. 

Required Foundation Courses

Complete for a total of nine credit hours:

  • ED550 Effective Teaching for All Learners
  • ED560 Modern Teacher
  • ED544 Literacy Across the Disciplines OR
  • TE542 TESOL Literacy

Elective Courses Sample Options

Select three for a total of nine credit hours:

  • ED511 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching English
  • ED512 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Mathematics
  • ED513 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Foreign Language
  • ED514 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Science
  • ED515 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching History/Social Studies
  • ED516 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Technology
  • ED517 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Business
  • ED518 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Computer Science
  • ED570 Middle School Students, Structures and Standards
  • ED571 Middle Adolescence Literacy
  • ED572 Teaching Foreign Language to Elementary School Children
  • ED624 School Law
  • ED988 Independent Study
  • TE513 Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Language

Research Emphasis

Complete a required research course, an action research project and two required thesis courses for a total of 12 credit hours.

Research in Curriculum and Instruction (three credit hours) is an introductory course on research methods designed to prepare you for graduate-level research.

The MAT Action Research Project (three credit hours) is a one-term research project that allows you the time and supervision needed to develop the breadth and/or depth of knowledge to become a better teacher in your certification field. Design a project to meet your specific professional needs. MAT projects are well-grounded in research and theory but also include a strong and extensive applied aspect, directly addressing the question: "What would this look like in the classroom?"

In Master's Thesis I and II (three credit hours each), complete a systematic exploration of a topic you are interested in researching as you prepare to graduate from the program.

Our education faculty are experts in their field with a combination of practical experience and theoretical knowledge. They serve as mentors throughout the program, helping you shape your studies for the next step in your career. Learn more about their areas of expertise.

Faculty and Staff

A completed application consists of the following:

  • Online Application Form.
  • Résumé.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • Official transcripts.
  • Faculty interview.
  • For international applicants, an English proficiency test is required.
    • Minimum test score requirements: TOEFL (80) and TOEFL Essentials (8.5), IELTS (6.5), PTE (56) or Duolingo English Test (115).
    • The English language-testing requirement is not waived based on language of instruction, nor do we accept university certificates. English testing is waived if an applicant has a degree from a country where English is the Native Language. Click here to see the list of these countries.


  • Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Undergraduate liberal arts core, including courses in the humanities/arts, writing/communication, social sciences and math.

Clarkson University extends a wide array of merit-based scholarships and education-specific grants to promising graduate students. We encourage you to apply early, as these awards are often given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scholarships and Grants

My professors were exceptionally understanding and knowledgeable. The material was well-planned, and when I had difficulty understanding a certain concept, the instructors were patient with me. They supported me in transitioning into a structured academic atmosphere while preparing me for the next chapter in my career. I am a proud alumna!

Christiana Oyawale '22 Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Barry University

Career Possibilities

The MA in Curriculum and Instruction prepares candidates to further advance their work in the field of education. This degree may also be the right choice for individuals who are already certified to teach in New York State and who are seeking a master's degree to fulfill professional certification requirements. Certain teaching jobs require that employees hold a master's degree, as well.

Students graduate ready to:

  • Improve day-to-day instruction in their classroom or school.
  • Teach at the community college level.
  • Apply to a doctoral-level program.
  • Pursue teaching careers in independent schools.
  • Influence school- or district-wide curricula through research.
  • Enter the field of education research and thought leadership.

Recent Employers

Graduates of this new degree program have found employment through:

  • Barry University
  • Dwight-Englewood School

Advanced Certificate Program in Curriculum and Instruction

Consider starting your journey with our Curriculum and Instruction advanced certificate before advancing to the master's program. To complete the program, you must take two of the three foundation courses, two electives and one research course. This is a good option if you are looking for an enhanced credential or are exploring ways to further your career. Credits from the certificate can later be applied toward fulfilling master's program requirements.

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Shape the Future

Help make a positive impact on the next generation through your own research and independent study. If you see yourself making a difference through Clarkson’s MA in Curriculum and Instruction program, take the next step.