We take the phrase "Human Resources" literally, believing that the employees of a company are its most valuable assets.

That’s why all business majors at Clarkson are required to take human resources (HR) courses. It’s just one more approach that sets the University and the Reh School apart as a best school of business; only about 15 percent of business schools in the U.S. have a similar requirement.

To teach the science and art of management, we focus on hands-on learning that develops the mindset, skills and experiences needed to attract, retain, and develop excellent employees. Classes go beyond the fundamentals of an human resources operation to delve into the often-risky business of managing people. Future entrepreneurs learn how to use human resources to help manage the growth of a new company, too.

Rather than just learning concepts, students practice the skills they will need in the workplace to make sound decisions about people. The capstone class for our Human Resource Management minor includes intensive project work designing your own human resource tool – a new hiring process, for example – for a real company. 

Clarkson alumni who are CEOs or the equivalent (one in five, at companies around the world!) can confirm the importance of Human Resources.   In order to excel in an organization, you need to know how to manage people and develop your company’s “human capital.” 

The Human Resources Management minor provides an in-depth foundation for managing people in organizations, drawing upon relevant theories of organizational behavior. Courses in HR are available and encouraged for students in all majors who want to prepare themselves for managerial, HR, or consulting careers. 

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"One in five Clarkson alumni lead companies — as CEOs or the equivalent — around the globe."  

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