Inspirational Educators Award

Most of us have had a high school teacher, community college educator, counselor, coach, administrator, or staff member who stands out in your heart and memories as a significant influence in our lives. These educators may instill values and a love of learning that shape your education, career choices, and guide you well throughout your adult lives.

Each year at Commencement Clarkson University honors outstanding high school educators.  The Clarkson Award for Inspirational Educators is presented to several educators nominated by our graduating seniors.  The seniors, their families, the Clarkson faculty and staff and, of course, the award recipients find these presentations to be one of the most inspiring features of Commencement Weekend.  As we continue the tradition this year, I am pleased to invite you to submit a nomination for a high school teacher, counselor, coach, administrator, or staff member who was influential in shaping your educational and career directions.

2023 Inspirational Educators Award Nomination Form

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