CAMP Company Spotlight

Ducted Wind Turbines is changing the face of small wind power generation.

Ducted Wind Turbine

An industrial partner with CAMP since 2020, DWT’s wind turbine produces more than 2X the energy of a conventional open bladed turbine of the same size.

Their focus is to provide the lowest cost per kWh in the small turbine market, reducing the time for return on investment to half of what it takes for conventional open rotor wind turbines.

Established in 2016 by Clarkson University professor Ken Visser and business partner Paul Pavone, DWT recently installed turbines in several locations around NY, including one at their headquarters in Potsdam NY. Their entrepreneurial endeavor has also provided an opportunity to collaborate with other Clarkson professors on the turbine design and educate students on real world, wind energy applications.

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The Center for Advanced Materials Processing at Clarkson University is a NYSTAR designated Center for Advanced Technology