NYS Interim Award Information

Graduation Rate- 70.8% of students graduate within 6 years

Federal Loan Default- Only 2.8% of Clarkson student borrowers entering repayment default on their federal student loans. The national average default rate is 11.8%.

Median Borrowing for Federal Student Loans- Students who borrow federal loans at Clarkson borrow an average of $27,000. The average monthly payment over 10 years is approximately $277.

Clarkson University is committed to scholarship and aid access for all students who are qualified to enroll. Approximately 98% of our students receive grants and/or scholarship assistance.  Educational opportunities at Clarkson provide a serious return on investment as illustrated in this report from Brookings: Beyond College Rankings Top 10. The institution considers a number of factors in setting it's annual costs including the Consumer Price Index, the Higher Education Price Index, anticipated utility fees, compliance with federal mandates, market trends and input from the Student Association and student body at large.

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