Financial Aid for Deposited Students

Your financial aid package will be finalized once all required documentation has been received and processed. Financial aid funds cannot be credited to your student account until your aid is finalized.


Questions regarding your financial aid prior to check-in should be directed to the Admissions & New Student Financial Aid at 1-800-527-6577.

Required Documentation

In order to complete your financial aid file and credit your account with the proper awards, the following information is required:

  • Signed Financial Aid Notification (FAN)
    • You should have received two copies of your financial aid notification for the 2015-2016 academic year. You must sign and return one copy. Student loans cannot be processed until a signed copy is received.
  • Official Copy of Your Final High School Transcript
    • An official copy of your final high school transcript is required to complete your admission application and finalize your financial aid. Financial aid funds cannot be credited to your student account until this is received. Please request a final high school transcript be sent directly to Clarkson from your high school counselor office.
  • Verification Information (required only if selected)
    • For those selected, federal regulations governing financial aid require verification of specific items from your FAFSA. Please review the results of your Student Aid Report (SAR-results of your FAFSA) to determine whether you have been selected for verification. Only FAFSAs selected for verification will contain the statement, "Your FAFSA has been selected for a process called verification. Your school has the authority to request copies of certain financial documents from you and your parent(s)". If your SAR contains the above statement, you have been selected. Clarkson will also notify you through your Clarkson email account sometime in April. In some cases, although you have not been selected for verification, Clarkson may request additional documentation to resolve questions associated with your application. All required documentation will be listed on your To-Do List in PeopleSoft beginning in April. 

Student Authorization of Federal Title IV Funds

Title IV Funds include Federal Student Direct Loans, Federal SEO Grant, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Perkins Loan, and Federal Parent PLUS Loan. Federal regulations require written authorization to apply these funds to cover any related educational expenses not included in your cost of attendance (i.e. parking fees, library charges, etc.) that may be charged to your account during the academic year. This form is due July 1 and can be completed through PeopleSoft.

Student Information Release Authorization

Please fill out a Student Information Release Authorization form.

Federal Direct Student Loan Entrance Counseling

Federal regulations require students with Federal Direct loans to complete this online session. 

Federal Direct Student Loan Master Promissory Note

Master Promissory Note is completed only once to cover all federal direct loans you will receive at Clarkson. You sign one note, which is good for up to ten years of study. If this is your first MPN, click on the Master Promissory Note link above and sign in under Manage my Direct Loan, You will be asked to enter your US Department of Education FSA ID. If you do not have an FSA ID, you will be guided on how to obtain. More detailed instructions for signing the master promissory note may be found at Loans.

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