Healthy Global Solutions

With the vast Adirondack Park in our backyard, we embrace our legacy to create global solutions that ultimately protect air, water and habitats. Interdisciplinary faculty teams collaborate across fields to reduce public health threats from environmental contamination and lack of medical care, as well as proactively integrate environmental concerns into best management practices. We develop the energy policies and technologies that lead to the creation of sustainable infrastructure, smart communities and the security of societies.

Featured Research Project
"Development of a plasma-based process for treatment of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in ion exchange brine regenerant solution."

Research Team: Selma Mededovic, Tom Holsen and Michelle Crimi

There is considerable and growing concern over PFASs due to their ubiquitous presence, recalcitrance in the environment, and toxicity in humans and wildlife. The goal of this project is to adapt a proven plasma-based treatment system for low concentration, low conductivity PFAS-contaminated water so that it can treat regenerant brine, a complex chemical mixture of high concentration PFASs, methanol, and sodium chloride.

Plasma from Prof. Tom Holsen and Prof. Selma Mededovic's lab

Advanced Materials Development

In collaboration with industry and national laboratories, our experts are solving the next wave of challenges confronting the fields of electronics, aeronautics, biotechnology, health, safety and security, mechanical systems, energy generation and storage, and manufacturing technology. Our innovations in  tailored material design, synthesis and modeling, functional materials and devices, sensors and sensing systems, drug management and diagnostic tools, and material sourcing and supply chains improve  quality of life, accelerate technology performance and ensure sustainable management practices.

Professors Zijie Yan and Jan Scrimgeour are developing new hybrid nanomaterials consisting of structurally NIR plastmonic, dielectric and upconversation nanostructures.

Featured Research Project
"Hybrid nanomaterials with plasmonic-enhanced upconversion luminescence"

Research Team: Zijie Yan and Jan Scrimgeour

The team is developing new hybrid nanomaterials consisting of structurally optimizednear-infrared (NIR) plasmonic, dielectric and upconversion nanostructures. This project aims to overcome some major drawbacks of the current upconversion NPs, and lead to new photoluminescence materials with largely increased quantum efficiency and brightness under low excitation intensity. 



Next Generation Medicine and Healthcare

Our global world faces critical challenges to human health, now and in the decades ahead. At Clarkson, we engage in emerging approaches to innovative technologies for preventing, detecting and treating disease, including therapeutic strategies as well as strategies that change our how we make economic, entrepreneurial, social and ethical decisions. Our close affiliations with organizations like the renowned Trudeau Institute and The Mount Sinai Hospital put us at the forefront to lead new healthcare innovation, management and access.

Computational and Data-Enabled Discovery

Spanning all of our schools, research institutes and industry partners, we easily cut across disciplines to understand the associations within complex multimodal data sets from countless sources and settings ranging from modern sensor technologies, to computational rich engineering, to social media analytics. Our strengths in dynamical systems lead to innovations learned from data, sensors and controls, business intelligence and financial technology, and artificial intelligence.  

Featured Research Project
"Next generation behavioral biometrics: capturing more application usage behavior."

Research Team: Daqing Hou, Stephanie Schuckers and Mehesh Banavar

The team is investigating novel behavioral biometrics that involve using a user's fine-grained application usage behavior to identify him/her and protect online eCommerce and other critical infrastructures, eve in the presence of identity theft and insider threats. They were awarded a number of grants, including Facebook's Secure the Internet grant as well as a technology transfer grant by NYESD. 

Facebook Grant Winners