Education Background

Applied Mathematics Ph.D. - 2005 University of Maryland
Applied Mathematics M.S. - University of Maryland
English B.S. - 1985 United states Naval Academy


Co-Director Data Analytics MS Program, 2016-Present
Clarkson University Mathematics Department Asst Prof 2005-2009, Assoc 2010-2014, Prof 2015-present, Chair of Mathematics (2015-present)
Submarine Warfare Officer United States Navy, 2005
All-Source Analyst Defense Intelligence Agency, 2005
Research Fellow United States Naval Academy, 2005
Instructor, Mathematics Department United States Naval Academy, 2003
Requirements Officer Office of Chief of Naval Operations, 1998
Instructor Nuclear Propulsion Training Unit, 1987

Courses Taught

  • Calculus 1,2,3 and Differential Equations
  • Mathematical modeling (MA200, MA363, and IA630)
  • Advanced engineering mathematics (MA330)
  • Boundary Value problems and Partial Differential Equations (Undergradate and Graduate versions)
  • Probability theory (STAT381/581), Probability and Statistics (STAT385), Bayesian Statistics (STAT385/585), and Applied Probability and Statistics for Data Analytics (IA530)
  • Numerical Methods
  • Convex Optimization
  • Information Visualization (IA640), Datamining (IA650), and Applied Machine Learning (IA651)

Research Interests

My background in applied mathematics is founded in dynamical systems and control theory, but has expanded broady across applied mathematics and modeling of complex systems. I have worked on such diverse topics as complex networks, epidemiological modeling, power systems, with applications of mathematics to problems of biology, psychology, social sciences and biometrics. Recent work has expanded to include topics from data science and applied machine learning, with special interest in Information Visualization.



Office Phone Number: 315/268-2399

Office Location: 355 Science Center

Clarkson Box Number: CU Box 5815