Become a leader in the rapidly growing and changing energy industry with a MS in Business of Energy from Clarkson University.

A challenging economy, an aging infrastructure and new technology integration, as well as the complexity of identifying and implementing changes to the generation and delivery of electric power, are critical issues that plague today's leaders. A knowledgeable workforce is key to meeting these challenges.

The online Business of Energy master's degree combines strategic principles used in the business energy industry with focused disciplines to equip you with the industry knowledge and business skills needed to become a leader in this rapidly changing industry.

You'll learn about the workings of the power marketplace, the economics and finance of business energy, the challenges of an aging infrastructure, the fuels of the future and more.

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    MS in Business of Energy Program Information

    Class of 2022 Graduate Placement Rate of 100 Percent

    A blending of contemporary energy issues and related business principles creates a focused learning experience designed to increase your competency to generate ideas, solve problems and manage change and complexity in the challenging energy industry.

    Energy business courses are taught by senior managers with years of experience in the energy business, delivered entirely online and focused on providing each student with the foundation needed to become a strategist and leader in the energy industry.

    MS in Business of Energy Program Highlights:

    • Offered completely online.
    • Driven by the needs of businesses and the northeastern energy industry.
    • Addresses the technical disciplines, applications and career objectives for energy industry leadership.
    • Taught by passionate, knowledgeable and experienced professionals who keep content, references and materials pertinent and current in the rapidly changing energy environment.

    "The program’s offerings have really allowed me to accomplish something that would have been near impossible in a traditional college setting."

    Jason Bell ’19, MS in Business of Energy

    Jason Bell ’19, MS in Business of Energy

    Business of Energy Curriculum

    Master Degree Requirements

    The online MS in Business of Energy requires 10 graduate courses, totaling 30 credits. Full-time students can complete the program in 1.5 to 2 years, and part-time students can complete the program in 2.5 to 3 years.

    Master of Science Curriculum

    A minimum of 10 graduate courses (30 credits) are required. Each student's program should include at least five or six Business of Energy core courses (BOE610 is required) and four or five School of Business core and/or elective courses for a total of 10 courses. Completion of BOE616 Graduate Project (pass/fail) is also required. 

    The 10 courses serve two functions: (1) Core program courses provide an understanding of the complexity of the integrated functions within the energy industry, from fuel selection/power production to end-user consumption. (2) Business courses strengthen students' competency in their professional discipline(s), preparing them for success in the energy industry sector.


    Program Requirements:

    Complete five or six of the following core courses from Business of Energy graduate courses:

    BOE616 Graduate Project; Business of Energy*: 0

    BOE610 Fundamentals of the Business of Energy*: 3

    BOE611 Planning & Operations of Power Systems: 3

    BOE612 Power Markets: 3

    BOE613 Deregulation & Restructuring: 3

    BOE614 Electric Power Industry Economies & Finance: 3

    BOE615 Challenges to Upgrading Aging Infrastructure: 3

    Credits: 18

    *Required Courses: 

    Required Courses: 15-18

    Degree Required Credits - Total: 30


    Complete four or five courses from the existing MBA program:

    School of Business Course 1: 3

    School of Business Course 2: 3

    School of Business Course 3: 3

    School of Business Course 4: 3

    School of Business Course 5: 3

    Credits: 15

    Required Credits: 12-15



    Certificate Requirements

    The Advanced Certificate in the Business of Energy consists of four courses that can usually be completed in one year. Once finished, you will have an understanding of energy systems from industry leading teachers.

    Certificate Curriculum

    The certification program blends contemporary energy issues and related business principles to create a focused learning experience. The primary objective is to increase competency in generating ideas, solving problems, and managing complexity in the challenging business of energy.

    The Business of Energy, Advanced Certificate comprises a minimum of four courses (12 credits). Although only four courses are required to earn the certificate, students will benefit greatly from completing all six courses. The program is designed for students from all academic backgrounds: engineering, geosciences, law, business, policy and related disciplines. Please view the course catalog for details and course summaries.

    With the approval of the dean, students may enroll in particular courses without earning the certificate.


    Required Courses

    The Online Graduate Certificate in the Business of Energy requires a minimum of 4 courses. The Fundamentals of the Business of Energy course (BOE 610) core course must be taken by all students. The remaining 3 courses must be from the 5 Business of Energy courses. To get the most out of the program, students are recommended to take all 6 BOE courses. Students interested in particular courses, but not the complete certificate, may take those courses with the approval of the program advisor.

    Business of Energy Courses:

    • Fundamentals of Business of Energy (BOE610)
    • Planning and Operations of Power Systems (BOE611)
    • Power Markets (BOE612)
    • Deregulations and Restructuring (BOE613)
    • Electric Power Industry Economics and Finance (BOE614)
    • Challenges to Upgrading Infrastructure (BOE615)


    A complete application consists of the following:

    • Online Application Form
    • Resume.
    • Statement of Purpose.
    • 2 Letters of Recommendation.
    • Official Transcripts.
    • GRE Test Scores.
      • Not required.
    • For International Applicants, an English Proficiency Test is required.
      • Minimum Test Score Requirements: TOEFL (80) and TOEFL Essentials (8.5), IELTS (6.5), PTE (56) and Duolingo English Test (115).

    Prerequisites: BS/BA or equivalent.


    A limited number of one-year and/or partial year tuition scholarships are available for qualified full-time students. A limited number of stipends are also available. Most scholarships and/or stipends are associated with department assistantships or completion of a master’s thesis as part of the qualified applicant’s plan of study to complete his/her degree program.

    Learn more about all of our scholarships and how to apply by contacting the Engineering Department via email

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