Readmission of Former Students

Any student who previously attended Clarkson and did not finish their program of study may apply for readmission. We are eager to have you return to complete your program. To find the appropriate readmission application procedures, please see the sections below.

Graduate and Certificate Programs

Students who wish to return to Clarkson to finish an incomplete graduate or certificate program of study should contact the appropriate graduate coordinator:

Reh School of Business   

Lewis School of Health Science

Please note, if you have already completed a graduate program at Clarkson and wish to return and complete a second graduate program at Clarkson, you should apply for admission to that program following standard graduate admission process.

No student will be permitted to return to Clarkson if they are delinquent on a Clarkson loan or have an outstanding tuition balance.

Undergraduate Programs

Students enrolled in undergraduate programs who wish to return to Clarkson after at least one semester away must submit the Undergraduate Readmission Application. If you would like us to mail you a paper copy of this form, please email us at

Applications for readmission are reviewed by Clarkson’s Continuance and Readmission Committee and the department chair or program director of the student’s intended major. All decisions made by Clarkson's Continuance and Readmission Committee are final; there is no appeal process.  

Students who are returning from an approve leave of absence must still submit the application for readmission. In such cases, approval to return is assumed, but must be verified through the Continuance and Readmission Committee.

Medical documentation: If a leave of absence or withdrawal was granted for medical reasons, additional documentation may be requested from healthcare professionals, verifying the student is medically fit to return.

Deadlines: For students who are applying to return to the University after at least one semester away, the application for readmission must be received by:

  • Fall Semesters: August 1
  • Spring Semesters: December 13
  • Summer Semesters: April 15

Supporting documentation (such as documentation from a health-care provider, or academic transcripts) must be submitted to the committee no later than 2 weeks prior to the first day of the term in which the student is applying to return.

For students who are requesting continuance following academic separation and have not been away from the University for at least one semester, the request for continuance must be submitted by the deadline outlined in the student’s academic separation letter.

Deposit: If an application for readmission is approved, a $300 deposit will be due immediately. The readmission deposit is not an additional fee, but a down payment on your tuition bill, and indicates your commitment to reenroll at Clarkson University.  This deposit must be made prior to being granted access to enroll in courses. If you are having financial difficulties and have concerns about paying the readmission deposit, please reach out to the committee upon approval of your application.

Disclaimer: All cases of undergraduate continuance and readmission require concurrent approval of the department chair or program director and of the University's Continuance and Readmission Committee. In cases of a return from an official leave of absence, such approval is assumed but needs to be verified. No student will be permitted to return to Clarkson if they are delinquent on a Clarkson loan or have an outstanding tuition balance.

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