Transfer-Specific Financial Aid & Scholarships

Clarkson is committed to helping you afford higher education. The Financial Assistance Committee distributes aid to assist as many qualified students as possible. Nine out of 10 students at Clarkson receive some form of financial assistance through scholarships, grants, loans, and campus employment. We also encourage students to explore federal, state and private scholarship and loan opportunities through their transfer office, state education departments, or online.

Awards and Scholarships

Based on academic success and promise, these include Clarkson Merit Awards, Transfer Excellence Awards, Phi Theta Kappa, and Alpha Beta Gamma Scholarships.

The Clarkson Ignite Presidential Fellowship program is a merit-based scholarship covering all tuition costs for one transfer student entering Clarkson each fall.

  • First, apply to Clarkson.
  • Second, on your Clarkson Application Status Page apply for The Clarkson Ignite Presidential Fellows program by March 1.  We welcome you to submit a 2- to 3-minute video OR a 250-300 word statement on the following topic: Clarkson students seek to pursue their passions by starting college early. What passion(s) and interests will you bring to Clarkson? How will you positively  impact the Clarkson community?
  • Five (5) finalists will be selected and invited to interview before final decisions are made.
  • Holcroft Alumni Recognition Awards: Awards based on strong potential for success and the recommendation from a Clarkson alumnus/alumna. Awards are $500 per year—students can only receive one award, regardless of the number of recommendations. We suggest students contact alumni who know enough about them to provide a meaningful reference. 
  • Alumni Family Award: If you indicate on your application for admission that you have a brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or cousin that attended Clarkson, you may qualify for a $500 scholarship. Only one scholarship will be granted no matter how many alumni family members you have. *You may receive one Alumni Family and one Alumni Legacy award.
  • Alumni Legacy Award: If you indicate on your application for admission that you have a mother, father, grandfather, or grandmother who attended Clarkson, you may qualify for a $1000 scholarship. You can only receive one Alumni Legacy Award no matter how many alumni legacy connections you have. *You may receive one Alumni Family and one Alumni Legacy award.

Scholarships for students selected for admission to the University's Honors Program. Space for transfer students in the Honors Program is limited.

Sources of Financial Aid

Need-Based Grants

To apply for need-based financial aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), available from your transfer office, Clarkson's Office of Transfer Admission, or online. Only U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens can complete the FAFSA form and be considered for need-based financial aid at Clarkson. If you do not know whether or not you are eligible to file the FAFSA form, please contact the Office of Transfer Admission.

Need-based grants include:

  • Federal Grants
  • Federal Pell Grant
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG)

Financing Options and Resources

For an overview of financing options, please refer to the Clarkson University Financing Plan Packet, which contains information about:

  • Clarkson University’s Payment Plan
  • Federal student loans
  • Federal parent loans
  • Alternative student loans

You can also check out these helpful resource websites:

Scholarship Searches

We encourage you to apply for additional scholarships. We will not reduce our scholarship/grant offer if you receive outside scholarships, unless the total amount of your scholarship money from all sources exceeds Clarkson's cost. Please note, ROTC scholarships are not designated as outside scholarships and your Clarkson awards may be adjusted to accommodate room and board incentives.

Sources for scholarships include:

  • Student and parent employers
  • Online searches

Work Study

If you have financial need, as determined by the FAFSA, you are eligible to work under the Federal Work Study Program. You will have the opportunity to seek jobs at various sites on and off campus. Federal Work Study money is allocated to the University by the federal government and jobs are contingent upon funding.  Once you find a job, you will be added to the University payroll and paid bi-weekly by check.

If you do not qualify for Federal Work Study, you may be considered for the University Work Program to work on campus.

Learn more about student employment once to come to campus and see job listings.

State Grants

New York Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and Scholarships are available for students that meet residence, income, academic, or other requirements, as established by state law.  If you are from New York State, once you complete the FAFSA, your information will be forwarded to the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (NYSHESC).  If you have never received a state award before, or if NYSHESC needs more information, you will be sent an Express TAP Application to complete.

An estimated NYS TAP award may be included as part of your financial aid awards, however the state’s notification is your official approved award.  Some students may also be selected for state-sponsored awards such as the Academic Excellence Scholarship or the NYS Leaders of Tomorrow award.  

More information about NYS financial aid programs is available here

International Transfer Students

Applying as an International Transfer Student

Transfer applicants from outside of the U.S. must also submit the following materials:

  • If English is not your first language, please submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores. A TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based), 213 (computer-based) or 80 (Internet-based) is required for admission. The minimum IELTS score is 6.5. We will waive the TOEFL and IELTS requirement if you have attended an English-speaking college for two years.
  • International Student Certification of Finances form and supporting bank statement.

International Transfer Student Financial Assistance

International students are considered for merit-based awards only. These awards range from $15,000 to $35,000 per year and are based on academic record and potential to succeed at Clarkson. Learn more about International Student Financial Aid.

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