Welcome to Clarkson's Web-based summer math refresher!

For 2024, the program will run from 30 June through 17 August.

This program gives you an opportunity to strengthen your skills in algebra, trigonometry (without a calculator) and geometry before taking Calculus I (MA131) at Clarkson.

Our online math refresher course (CUMATH) starts June 30, 2024. First-year Clarkson students may self-enroll via our CUMATH Moodle Course. Enrollment is open now.


How it Works

The Clarkson University online Summer Refresher Program for STEM majors will launch 30 June Sat/Sun midnight with the unit 1 pre-test.

This 7 week program covers skills, that over 20 years of data tell us, students need a refresher on to be able to hit the ground running in the Fall. We encourage students to do a little math each week to keep the rust off.

The program is completely free from Clarkson and Cengage. There are no materials to buy at this time. (There will be a purchase for Fall in the future)  You will utilize Webassign.net, vimeo.com/cumath and email cumath@clarkson.edu.

Each week at Midnight on Sunday we release a pre-test of the topic for the week. You attempt the pre-test and we review the results and post solution videos with commentary. Additionally, we address inquiries either via email or through the communications portal in the Webassign platform. Next on Wednesday/Thursday Midnight we release the Post-test which considers not just topics of the week but topics from previous weeks. This spiraled approach means nothing gets stale and you can keep checking your skills though out the program. We follow this with solution videos to the post-test, usually available on Friday. The process then repeats through the 7 weeks. Also, for the first time ever we will offer Zoom sessions at arranged times that can work for the majority of participants.

If this is something you feel you are interested in merely go to Moodle. Should you have any concerns or difficulties please do not hesitate to ask the instructor at cumath@clarkson.edu.

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