Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) can re-certify themselves by attending Continuing Medical Education sessions (CMEs) through Clarkson's Lewis School of Health Sciences for free! The CME programs will take place virtually and/or at Clarkson Hall. Clarkson Hall is located at 59 Main Street, Potsdam, NY.

NYS State CMEs will be provided for attendees that attend in person or virtually. Food and beverages may be offered to those that attend in person.

Direct questions, comments or to be placed on our CME email list, please contact Douglas Wildermuth, 315-268-4444 or dwilderm@clarkson.edu.

CME Requirements:

  • Attendees must be on time.
  • Attendees must be engaged (with cameras on) the entire time.
  • Names, email addresses, NYS EMT #'s, etc. must be provided.

Upcoming CME Sessions

September 28, 2023 

Held at Clarkson Hall
59 Main Street
Potsdam, NY 13676
FREE to students
Available in-person and virtually

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6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Shock: The Rude Unhinging of the Machinery of Life

In 1862, Samuel Gross described shock as “The rude unhinging of the machinery of life.” Today, over 150 years later, the description still holds true. And just like adding oil to your engine after it is irreparably damaged, providing fluid resuscitation and stabilizing vital signs is often too little, too late. The way to treat shock is to prevent it whenever possible, and medical science today affords us more relevant and easily interpreted assessment data to accomplish that goal than just the blood pressure, heart rate and skin signs we were taught in school. Join Kelly Grayson for an
interactive and engaging discussion on shock and how
to stay ahead of it.

7:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Dingers, Stunners and Getting Your Bell Rung: Recognition and Treatment of Concussions

For years, “getting your bell rung” was considered a rite of passage in contact sports, and athletes were routinely pressured by coaches and peers to “walk it off” and get back into play. Now, with overwhelming evidence that the effects of brain concussions are cumulative and debilitating, it is more important than ever for EMS, coaches and athletic trainers to recognize the signs of post-concussive syndrome, provide proper on-the-field treatment, and understand the importance of removal from play and return-to-play criteria.

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