Dental Insurance

Clarkson University offers a dental plan to its employees in partnership with Delta Dental.

Enrolling and Changing Your Dental Coverage

Employees would be able to either enroll within 2 weeks of hire, during the annual open enrollment or in case of a life-changing event. Employees have 30 days to submit a life-changing event (example:  marriage, divorce, birth/adoption of baby); once the 30 days have passed, employees need to wait for annual open enrollment.

Member ID cards are not mailed but can be printed on the website.

Delta Dental 

  • Deductibles – Single $25 / Family $50
  • Plan Year Benefit Maximum - $1000 per person on plan 
    • All claims will be processed up to that amount for each person then the member would pay anything over that amount at 20% or 40% major procedures.
  • Includes:
    • Preventative and Diagnostic coverage at 100% 
    • Does not apply to plan year benefit maximum and no deductible.
    • Basic Dental Procedures covered at 80%
    • Major Dental Procedures covered at 60%
    • Plan Year Carry Over – if you have gone for both preventative/diagnostic appointments (2 cleanings/1 x-ray annually within plan year) you can carry over $250 of the unused $1000 per person and can be done for up to three years ($1000/$1250/$1500/$1750) with no break in coverage.

Delta Dental Highlights

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