Vision/Hearing Plan

Clarkson University offers a vision/hearing plan to its employees in partnership with VSP Vision.

Enrolling for your Vision/Hearing Coverage

  • Employees are eligible to participate the 1st month following date of hire.
  • VSP does not have ID Cards. 
  • When scheduling your appointment, you will need the following information to verify your eligibility:
    • Plan is provided by Clarkson University 
    • Employee’s name, social security number and date of birth
      • Dependents will also need this information to verify coverage
    • This information will be required for each person covered on the employee’s plan.
  • TruHearing – Hearing Aid Discount Program (two options)
  • ValueAdd Program – all VSP members and their dependents automatically have free access, which offers an average 25% discount on hearing aids.
  • MemberPlus Program – VSP members can choose to upgrade at a reduced cost and average savings is 50%.
  • Visit for more information.
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