Competitive and Collaborative Innovation

At Clarkson University, we take a lot of pride in building a better rocket. Or a sturdier bridge, cleaner snowmobile or sleeker electric car. As part of our SPEED Teams, or Student Projects for Engineering Experience and Design, you can participate in any of 13 competitive clubs that frequently take top honors in national competitions.

You don't have to be an engineer to get in on the action, either: teams need expertise in marketing, PR, accounting and other must-have skills.

Large Vehicle Project Teams Small Vehicle Project Teams Building and Construction Teams

Hands-On Experiences With SPEED Teams

There’s no better way to get hands-on engineering experience than by joining one of our 13 SPEED (Student Projects for Engineering Experience & Design) teams, which are 100% run by students.

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Why Participate in SPEED?


Clarkson's SPEED Teams have captured four national championships in the past six years.

Design, Build, Fly, SAE Clean Snowmobile, & Construction Management took home top honors.

Fact: 100% of SPEED Teams are student-run. Students manage everything from recruiting members and setting budgets to bringing designs to life. Teams average 15 to 20 members, so participants build skills in leadership, teamwork and communication.

Fact: Employers demand SPEED skills. Get real-world experience that looks great on a résumé and attests to your ability to strategize, solve problems and achieve results. And, because many teams are sponsored by companies that hire Clarkson students for internships and jobs, SPEED can give your career a boost.


Our SAE Clean Snowmobile Team placed 1st overall in 2022.

Face a New Challenge

Each of our 13 SPEED Teams centers on addressing a unique challenge. Uncover a solution by applying classroom lessons to an in-depth, months-long project that pits you against some of the nation's best thinkers and doers. In the process, you collaborate with other students, exchange ideas and make friends for life.

Welcome to the Machine Shop

Great projects need great tools. Every SPEED Team member gets access to our Student Prototyping Machine Shop, where you can learn to use CNC milling machines and lathes, welding gear, water-jet cutters and more equipment. 

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Feel the need to join SPEED? Ask us more about any of our 13 teams.


Director: Robert J. Davis 
Phone: 315-268-3960 
Email: rjdavis@clarkson.edu 

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